Collectibility in the Eye of the Beholder

I imagine this is a great record, but someone needs to refresh my memory as to why it is so highly coveted by collectors that the price for this is now nearly $400 and will likely exceed $500 or much more when all is said and done: Wynton Kelly, Kelly at Midnight, Vee Jay 3001. This is a stereo pressing in M- condition for both the record and the cover. Is it the stereo pressing and the “stereophonic” lettering on the cover? Vee Jays usually don’t have this type of cachet, nor do Wynton Kelly trio records.

Think this one will sell? Presenting Ernie Henry, Riverside 222. This is a blue label pressing so it is not an original, which would have the white label. The record and cover are in VG+ condition. The seller has set an opening bid of about $200 and so far there are no bids at all, with the auction closing later today. My take: If it was in M- condition as a blue-label second press it might sell for $200, but in VG+ condition, I have my doubts.

While we’re not on Blue notes, here’s another:

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Back on eBay: Lee, Bird, Newk and Mr. PC

It’s been days since we caught up on eBay, so let’s take a look and see what’s been going on:

There was this one that came close to the $1,000 bin: Lee Morgan Sextet, Blue Note 1541. This was an original Lexington Avenue pressing that was listed in VG++ condition for the vinyl and VG+ for the cover. It sold for $919.

We were also watching a bunch of records from the seller bobjdukic, which is always an interesting pastime. In a way you have to admire his ability to promote a 1978 Savoy reissue of Charlie Parker as an original and get someone to pay a fairly decent collectible price. Case in point: Charlie Parker, The Complete Savoy Studio Sessions, a boxed set issued in 1978 by Arista Records. This sold for $112.50. This one seemed to get a fair price: Sonny Rollins With the Modern Jazz Quartet, Prestige 7029. This was a New York pressing with the yellow cover. An original first press would have the orange cover and the kakubshi cover. This one seems to

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Ready for a Risk? How About a Sealed LP

We’ve been watching a seller this week with some sealed records on the Savoy label. These are a risk, since you can’t tell if the pressing is an original with the red label and the deep groove or perhaps a later pressing with the maroon label. The difference in value between these two pressings could be several hundred dollars — or perhaps even more, depending upon the record. While I’m a risk-taker, some of these got a little too high for my comfort level. Here are a couple:

Introducing Lee Morgan with the Hank Mobley Quintet, Savoy 12091. We’ve seen original copies of this record in nice condition selling for more than $500 in the Jazz Collector Price Guide, so a new, unplayed original would be worth quite a bit. But is this an original? Only the buyer will know if, indeed, the buyer ever opens it. In this case the buyer is spending $161.50 to find out.

This one was also tempting:

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Adventures in Jazz Collecting: The Auction, Part 3

Guess what came in the mail yesterday? Remember that Jazz Auction in which I participated a few weeks ago. Well the records are here and now I can tell you how I did. Remember, I bid blind on these records, based on the written descriptions, and I gambled on quite a few of the packages. I was competing with a bunch of sellers/dealers who were at the scene and had the opportunity to physically view the records. Also, I paid an extra 17 percent above what I bid because that was the fee taken by the auction house. In any case, here are the results, part one of three: Live vicariously through me if you please. The prices listed below include the 17 percent extra fee, so they are the amount I actually paid for each package. Also, the listings as I describe them below are similar to the way they were listed in the auction itself.

Wes Montgomery, Full House. Price: $70.20. This is an original blue-label Riverside

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For the Price Guide: Mingus, Bags, Rare Savoy

Here are some new records for the Jazz Collector Price Guide:

When did this one become a collectible that would fetch a price tag of nearly $200: Charles Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Impulse 54. This was an orange label stereo pressing in M- condition. It sold for $178.05. Quite a nice price for this LP, right? I have a stereo copy in my collection also in M- condition, beautiful. If anyone wants it for $175, just send me a note and I will sell it to you.

I almost bid on this one and now kind of regret that I didn’t: Milt Jackson and the Thelonious Monk Quintet, Blue Note 1509. This one was an original Lexington Avenue pressing and it looked to be in VG+ condition for both the record and the cover, although the seller could have been a bit more forthcoming with the grading. It sold for a little more than $100, and

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On eBay: Some Blue Notes, Curtis Fuller Savoy

I’m sitting here hanging out with the lovely Mrs. JC and whilst she’s chatting on the phone I’ve spent the last hour going through two full days of jazz records on eBay. Here are some of the items I found — far fewer collectibles than I would have expected to encounter over 48 hours, by the way:

Johnny Griffin, The Congregation, Blue Note 1580. This is an odd one: It has the original vinyl, but the cover does not seem to be an original. Does anyone know the vintage of the cover — it has no address on it? The cover is by Andy Warhol, so that has always added to the value of this particular Blue Note. The record and cover are both listed in M- condition. Despite the cover the bidding has already reached more than $240 and the record has yet to reach the seller’s reserve price.

The Eminent Jay Jay Johnson Volume 1, Blue Note 1505. This is an original Lexington

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Nice Records, Very Nice Condition

Here’s a couple we’re watching on eBay now:

Eric Dolphy, Out To Lunch, Blue Note 4163. This seems to be an original pressing, although it’s odd that one side is deep groove and the other isn’t. It is from the same seller who was selling all of those pristine records last week, and this looks to be of similar quality: Just beautiful if the pictures are accurate. This one is currently sitting at about and it hasn’t yet reached the seller’s reserve price.  You may recall that we at Jazz Collector — okay, me at Jazz Collector — were quite flabbergasted when a copy of this record sold for the astronomical price is $1,524. We think that was an aberration, so it will be interesting to see what this one goes for.

Here’s another rare record that looks to be in very nice condition:

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New Ones For The Jazz Collector Price Guide

Here is some more jazz vinyl that will go into the Jazz Collector Price Guide:

When did this become a $100 record: Barney Kessel, The Poll Winners, Stereo 7010? This was an original pressing with the black label. The vinyl was in M- condition and the cover was VG++. The final price was $97, so it wasn’t officially a $100 record. Still, I had no idea that Kessel was this collectible. I’m not complaining about it, since I do have all of his records on Contemporary, just a bit surprised by this one. In any case, it will be making its first appearance in the Jazz Collector Price Guide.

Also premiering in the Jazz Collector Price Guide will be: Bill Jennings, Enough Said!, Prestige 7164. This was an original yellow label pressing with

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Jazz Vinyl Countdown: Kenny Clarke on Savoy

I was going through my records the other day and came up with this interesting discovery: This Savoy LP by Kenny Clarke featuring Cannonball Adderley was issued with two different covers. I discovered this accidentally because I had one filed under Cannonball and the other under Clarke. The one with the better cover — ‘better” in terms of a great picture on the front — is the one entitled Bohemia After Dark Featuring Cannonball. The other one is also titled Bohemia After Dark, but that’s just on the back cover: The front cover just lists it as The Jazz Corner of The Villiage, Cafe Bohemia, Featuring Kenny Clarke. Both are Savoy 12017 and both have the same tracks and liner notes. If I had to guess which was the first pressing, I would have said the second one, the one

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Sealed Records: To Bid Or Not To Bid?

Here is some more jazz vinyl we’re watching today and through the weekend:

Here’s one that may cause a dilemma: Introducing Lee Morgan, Savoy 12091. This is a sealed record. Is it an original pressing with the red label, or a later pressing with the maroon label? It seems like you’ll have to buy it to find out. The seller has a bunch of Savoys, all in their original shrink wraps, and he hasn’t opened them to determine their vintage. Is it worth the risk risk? This record is now at $50. If it turns out to be an original pressing, unplayed, with a mint cover, what would it be worth — $500, $800, even $1,000? Who knows? Here’s another interesting one from that batch: Mighty Mike Cuozzo, Savoy 12051. Do you think Savoy even issued this with a maroon label? It’s a sealed record, priced at $9, perhaps an original featuring Eddie Costa on vibes. Worth a risk? Perhaps it is.

This seller also has some nice records, including: Mal Waldron, Left Alone, Bethlehem 6045. This

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