A Day at the Town Dump, Redux

Just to close the loop on yesterday’s post. Yes, indeed, I went back to the town dump to see if there were any more treasures to be found and to see if there was anything I had inadvertently left behind. There was nothing new there, but I did wind up taking a few more CDs, not just for myself but for a few friends as well.  I’m in a band up here with three other musicians and we had practice so I brought some CDs and told them they could take whatever they wanted. Some of the CDs, it turned out, were just the cases, but most of them had CDs, including all of the boxed sets. So, now that I’m settled in and had a chance to go through my score, here is the final tally:

There were 11 Mosaic boxed sets. All were left at the dump, most are in mint condition with the CDs, booklets, everything. A few have some minor damage on the boxes. They are, in no particular order other than this is how they are piled up in my room:

The Complete Blue Note Hank Mobley Fifties Sessions
The Complete Black Lion and Vogue Recordings of Thelonious Monk
The Complete Atlantic and EMI Recordings of Shorty Rogers
The Complete Pacific Jazz Recordings of The Chico Hamilton Quintet
The Complete February 1957 Jimmy Smith Blue Note Sessions
The Complete Columbia J.J. Johnson Small Group Sessions
The Complete Blue Note Recordings of Art Blakey’s 1960 Jazz Messengers
The Complete Recordings of the Paul Desmond Quartet with Jim Hall
The Complete Capitol and Atlantic Recordings of Jimmy Giuffre
Oliver Nelson: The Argo, Verve and Impulse Big Band Studio Sessions
The Complete Arto/Mercury/Art Farmer/Benny Golson/Jazztet Sessions

There were also four boxed sets from the Mosaic Select Series:

The Mosaic Select Art Pepper
Mosaic Select Paul Chambers
Mosaic Select Andrew Hill
Mosaic Select McCoy Tyner

There were also these various boxed sets:

Bill Evans: The Complete Riverside Recordings
Miles Davis, The Complete Live at the Plugged Nickel 1965 on Columbia
The Classic Quartet: Complete Impulse! Studio Recordings
Ella Fitzgerald, Twelve Nights in Hollywood
Charlie Parker: The Complete Savoy and Dial Studio Recordings, 1944-1948
Keith Jarrett: The Impulse Years, 1973-1974
Dave Brubeck,  Time Signatures: A Career Retrospective

In addition to these, I kept about 75 individual CDs, which I haven’t really gone through yet. I don’t think there’s anything collectible in there, but there’s certainly good music. I’m very excited about the boxed sets because of the packaging and all that goes with it. No to mention that they were FREE! Not sure what I’m going to do with the other CDs yet, but it certainly made sense to me to take them rather than just leave them there.  I can go through them at my leisure, assuming I will have leisure when my current workload starts to level off.


  • Nice haul! Congrats.

  • Gregory The Fish


  • Did you ask the Lady if she knew who the gentleman was?
    Another Jazz collector in your area would be interesting to discover.

  • Hey,man..if you were looking for a sign that it’s time for you to start listing items again on ebay,this wes it. At the very least,they will bring in extra bread(for you to buy more vinyl)!

  • Assuming you don’t already have it Al, that Miles Davis box set you found, “The Complete Live at the Plugged Nickel 1965” is another great listen as well. Having it on CD is not necessarily a bad thing either as it’s a ton of material to take in all at once; It is also from his second great quintet, and much more complex than the studio recordings. I even keep a few of my favorite nights from that box saved on my CPU here at the office. Enjoy !

  • CeeDee — I will be selling records soon — at the WFMU Record show in two weeks. Come one, come all.

    Don-Lucky — I actually have the Mosaic Plugged Nickel on vinyl, which I think came out before the Columbia issue. I will have to give it a listen. Probably listened to it once, when I first got it.

  • I think this is really a cautionary tale. Don’t make your old lady mad or she’ll dump all your stuff at the dump! I think some poor bastard woke up yesterday morning hung over and singing the blues. Used to be, she’d throw your clothes out on the street. This hurts more.

  • Actually, it serves him right for collecting CDs.

  • Thanks for the tip on that one Al ! I didn’t even realize this box was available previously as a mosaic vinyl release. Then again I am a sucker for any new cd package that includes bonus tracks and previously unreleased material… It’s my “Achilles heel” !

  • Uh,Bill? He’s not the only one…(don’t worry-I won’t hold it against you!)

  • So did you find anymore treasures bill? Cant wait to see more!

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