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We’ve set up a new section on the site called Hot Topics. We’re hoping that it evolves into something like a Reader Forum, where collectors can come and ask questions about collectibles and can get answers from other collectors within the community. At Jazz Collector, we don’t claim to be experts on everything in the jazz collectible world, but we know that collectively our readers have all the expertise anyone would ever need.  I will add a question and several responses that we received this week on this post to show how it works. If you have a question about any jazz collectible, just post it as a comment on this post and let’s see if we can generate some responses.


  • Al, I’ve got a question for you. I always thought that the Monk Prestige 7053 original record cover was with MONK written on the front of the jacket. I have the Prestige 7053 record with a photo of Monk with a 50th st. NY address on the back of the jacket. And I have another Prestige 7053 cover without his picture with MONK only on the front with the NJ address. Which is the first pressing? Thank you. Jon

  • Hi, Jon. I have to confess my ignorance on this one. I’m familiar with the MONK 7053 cover and not the one with the photo. If the photo cover has the NY address it sounds like it could be an original. I’m hoping one of the readers to the site will have the answer. I’ll post it here for now, but maybe highlight it later and see if we can generate a more knowledgeable response. Anyone else have an answer to this one?

  • Rudolf A. Flinterman Says:

    The photo cover is the original. The white letter cover is the 2nd issue, which coincides with Prestige’s moving from NYC to N.J.

  • Hi there,
    I’ve been going to the Jacksonville Jazz Festival since I was a kid (I’m 29 now), and as an adult, started collecting the original posters for each year. Now that I have all but ’80 and ’82, I’m tracking down the artists for each year, and after shows, getting them to autograph their respective poster(s). I’ve searched everywhere I can think of, and can’t find anyplace where anyone collects posters like mine. Do you have any suggestions of like minded jazz collectors out there or where/how I might find the last two jazz posters I’m missing? (In ’80 and ’82, the festival was called ‘Mayport and All That Jazz’. I’ve got pics of my collection if you’re ever interested in posting it here.


    I’m also searching for the last Waldemar Swierzy ‘Jacksonville and All That Jazz’ poster from 1987 called ‘Tall Trombome’. I’ve heard rumor that it was never imported to the States, so it might have to come from Poland. Any idea of how I could find an original?

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