Why We Buy Records

My friend sent me this earlier. It’s pretty apt: Although I don’t necessarily feel low, I was working on records at 3 o’clock this morning, trying to get the smell of mildew out of some of the beautiful boxed-set 78s I purchased last week and lugged home and am now trying to wedge into my collection somehow by shifting records from one shelf to another and getting records off shelves that I may not be listening to. Anyway, thought you all might appreciate this from Peanuts.


  • My lovely wife remembers me she would break all my “kids” into pieces if I should even think of betrayin’ her.
    I LOVE my wife.

  • Schroeder could play a mean jazz piano…

  • I’m trying to think of something cooler than watching the Peanuts gang jitterbug across the tv screen to a piano played by Schroeder(Vince Guaraldi)…nope,can’t do it!

  • I had forgotten about Peanuts for a long time. I had watched them when I was younger and learned the theme song on the piano.

  • I support Schultz’s sentiment but needs to be rewritten for the modern era. Unlike in Peanuts day, the record you want is not available in any store. It is only available in the virtual world store that is ebay, after sucess at the bidding hurdle.

    Where sensible bids are overturned by bidders who throw money at the table just to win. The market is never wrong, but sometimes you have to ask…

    So the modern Peanuts would define hapiness not as buying records, but as bidding on records and winning them at a sensible price. Not that funny really, is it?

  • To London Calling — are there no record stores worth visiting anymore in London? That would be sad, indeed. I remember my first trip to London and rushing over to Ray’s Jazz Shop and Mole’s and usually finding an item or two of interest.

  • Hi
    Mole Jazz is long gone as sadly have most of the vinyl shops in London. Rays Jazz has moved upstairs into Foyles Bookshop and is a shadow of its old self, though that little section you might remember “Rare as Hen’s Teeth” still exists. I suspect with the same records in it as twenty years ago, unsold.

    The few vinyl shops that remain in London survive mainly on selling Sixties rock and pop memorabilia, which is what todays younger customers want, and DJ-driven soul and dance.

    Ebay-UK has around 350-400 Blue Notes available on any day, compared with a half dozen in rack of most remaining second hand record stores here.

    Ahh- “Mole Jazz” – those were the days…

  • My father is 70 this year,buying Jazz records from his teens and still buying! Most of the important stuff we have in our archive (from New Orleans masters to Avantgarde,even some fusion-jazz rock records).

    I can say,I learned how to play piano from those records….


  • I have an original pressing of hank mobley 1550 ear mark ,cat,bn-blp, new york 23,9m

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