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I’ve been waiting a few months to post this photo, sent to me by my friend Dan with the simple message: “Feb 4, 1958.” That was 60 years ago today, which also happened to be the occasion my fifth birthday. Quite a birthday tribute to me. We figured with Miles, Cannonball and Coltrane, it had to be a Milestones session and, thank you Internet, that is precisely what it is. If this picture doesn’t put a smile on your face, maybe you woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.

Here’s one more thing:

It looks like I may be moving in Manhattan in a few weeks and will have to reorganize my records once again. I have a really nice cabinet that probably won’t make the move with me. It holds about 1,500 records and a TV. Anybody interested, you can reach me at

And, no, the records are not included. I know you’re eyeing those Impulses, admit it.


  • Al: You’re moving? Did you have to get an even larger place to accommodate even more LP overflow?…. x c

  • Smaller place in the city, but I still have my bigger house in the country, so some of the records will probably move up there. — al

  • Hey Al , what’s the T.V for ?

  • Now owning 1.25 acres in Florida, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to live in small place in big city.

  • lennib: The “…I can’t imagine anyone wanting to live in (sic) a small place in (sic) a big city…” schtick is like people who post on Facebook to tell us that they’re done with Facebook because Facebook is “…too stressful…” 🙂 C

  • My apologies to you Ms. Caroline and to others who are readers of Mr. Al’s page for both my grammatically incorrect sentence and improper post for this group. I was not aware of set rules for posts. Perhaps my post would have met qualifications and passed site guardians if I had interspersed the words “Blue Note” liberally throughout.

  • Bought “Milestones” day it came out–still play it. Truly great

  • lennib: That’s OK, no apology required. Other important keywords that you should intersperse liberally in your JC posts include “Mobley 1568 NY23,” “$5000 Bin?!?!?,” “10 inches is better than 12 inches” (*NO* size-queen jokes, please), and “I bought my NM- copy years ago for $2 at a flea market/garage sale”…. x C

  • tell you what, al. I’ll take all the records off your hands. how does $10 sound? 😉

  • Happy birthday!

  • Happy Belated, Al!

  • Happy Belated Birthday Al!

  • Orange & black is my favorite color combination!

  • Belated happy birthday , Al. I have a truck if you need help moving those Impulses …. And I’ve been blessed with a weak mind and a strong back.

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