Tales of The Hunt, Redux

Remember our old friend Nick from Brooklyn? He’s the guy that told us a bunch of stories about his record-hunting days under the general heading Tales of the Hunt. There was the one on Meeting and Idol, A Spree Grows in Brooklyn (my headline) and several others. Do a search on “Tales of the Hunt” and they will all come up. Fun reading, again. Well Nick is back. He contacted me a few weeks ago, said he had several boxes of records, and he’s looking to get rid of them before he moves. I popped over to his place in Brooklyn (where else?) yesterday and walked away with some fairly nice records, including an original blue-label pressing of Waltz for Debbie and Lou Donaldson Swing and Soul. I didn’t bring all that much cash and, having just purchased a collection, I didn’t want to take too much. So I left a lot of really nice jazz records behind. Nick said I can post his phone number on Jazz Collector if anyone else wants to venture to Brooklyn and peruse the records and make a fair offer. So I will. The number is 718 219 8892. Perhaps you will have your own Tale of the Hunt.

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  • I’ve acquired a collection of “The Greatest Recordings of the Big Band Era” archive collection. Are they valuable?

    Inquiring minds want to know,


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