Where Is Everybody?

OK, so I did that post the other day, offering to dig deep into my collection to sell rare vinyl, and offering the opportunities to pick up many, many other records for reasonable prices. I expected to be inundated with phone calls and emails. So far, I’ve had one call, from our old friend CeeDee, and one email, from a new reader who doesn’t have much money to spend and may or may not be interested in coming out to Western Nassau county. What gives? What was it about my original posting that has failed to pique any interest from the dozens/scores/hundreds of jazz collectors in the New York area who, you’d figure, would be interested in seeing what was for sale at least out of curiosity? I’m perplexed, but sanguine. It’s not like I’m desperate, but I really thought the phone would be ringing off the hook.


  • If only I lived in New York! I’d definitely pillage the stuff.

  • Yea, I’m not in the tri-state area, otherwise you’d have received a call. Also, already planned my summer vacation to LA otherwise I’d take a trip to new york.

  • we, Europeans, are just some thousands miles away: that’s our only reason for not ringing.
    I have been in USA twice this year and I’ll be back late in winter.
    What I complain is not to able to shake hands with the man who started this adventure which I like a lot and that got me in touch with collectors and jazz fans in this or the other side of the ocean.
    we have fun with incredible mails and ideas.
    the first time I’ll get back in NY I’ ll call you for sure.

  • That’s goes for me too. If I lived within 200 miles, I’d be there. But alas, I am all the way in Florida. Boo!

  • Why don’t you list the top 20 or so “best”(most expensive )records,grade them and put a price on them?
    List them here.

  • I second Dottorjazz here, Al. I reckon that you have a vast European fan base. And since we live in the Old World, it makes it quite a journey to go and visit you and most importantly your records! 😉 It’s clear to all of us that you do sell copies from your own collection on eBay, so why not stick to that? I live in the Netherlands and yes, it’s “only” a seven hour flight from Amsterdam to New York. But it would simply cost me too much if the sole purpose was to buy records. In other words: your offer is finger lickin’ good, honestly. But then still I’d be more interested to just flip through your stash on eBay and bid, snipe and preferably ‘buy now’ 😀

  • Al, you know I’ve made the trek before! I would again, but two trips to NYC within eight months would be outside my budget. I regret not buying more in December.

  • Like most everybody else, I don’t live in your area. If I did I’d be stopping by. Sounds like a great opportunity to pick up some great music.

  • Let’s not forget, it’s also Jazz festival season across the country now as well… The OIJF & Festival International de Jazz de Montréal just kicked off again, and Newport is coming up in August. I don’t know about the rest of the collective, but personally, I seem to spend more time buying records during the winter months myself, simply because I am out and about in the summer months.
    This may just be a pipe-dream, but it might be fun to take the Jazz Collector Store on tour one year Al… Just think of it, you, the lovely Mrs.JC and all your records moving from one city to city, setting up shop at each Jazz Festival across the country for a summer. Those festival kiosks do great business to a captive Jazz audience. Many of whom are of a “certain age” with lots of disposable income and are either looking for a new hobby , still have their record players, or already love collecting vinyl and are just waiting for someone to bring it to their doorstep… This idea almost sells itself. Not to mention the added bonus of catching a summers worth of live Jazz in the process, and seeing the country ! (Why does this idea bring flashbacks from that movie National Lampoons Vacation… heh heh)

  • I am in Europe and would love to buy. It is a bit sad that one of the leading online Jazz resources would not offer its fans a way of buying online. Even eBay would be fine.. 🙂

  • Al, it highlights the difference between a “virtual group” of like-minded people, scattered around the world, and a close geographical group.

    Praise the Internet, probably the most important human invention of the last hundred years, after the 12″ microgroove unbreakable record.

  • Hi,

    With all due respect – the ad is kinda demeaning.

    Your NO’s (No haggling, No bargains, No mail, No checks, No weekends) set a unfriendly tone. I’m unaware of this seller-dictated approach, especially in this selling climate.

    Opening the dialog in a more collaborative respectful fashion may increase interest.

  • MiJazz — good point. It was one of the decisions I made in approaching it the way I did, and perhaps it did turn people off. What I didn’t want was people coming to my house, seeing an original Jutta Hipp Blue Note, and seeing if I’d sell it for $50. I’ve had that experience before and it can be a colossal waste of time. Not having people coming to the house and not selling records is no big deal – I was doing it as a favor to the Jazz Collector community — I didn’t offer it anywhere else — and as a convenience to me to get rid of some records before the move. But it didn’t happen, I’m a bit surprised, and now I’m starting to pack the records. One other small point — most people who’ve been to the site for any period know that of all the things we are, unfriendly is not one of them. But I do agree with your point, so thanks for making it.

  • Was in area for the Bash, but as advert said no weekends, didn’t bother to contact you.

  • MiJazz: maybe you’ re new to our group.
    I can assure we are all friends here, even if we have never met before.
    Our enemies are sellers who hide defects or details ’bout records.
    Al, in a period of moving, simply meant not to waste each other time.
    His previous experience was, I think, everybody’s.
    So, good to be clear, even if a little rough.

  • is the sale still on?

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