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Some Jazz Vinyl for Our Files (11 comments)
right. I do that except for certain labels, which are filed by catalog number — Actuels, Blue Notes, ESPs, etc.

Comps I generally file by title within the artist-alpha system (i.e., no ‘various artists’ section). […]

Clifford Allen
2017-07-21 14:02:29
Stuffing the $1,000 and $2,000 Bins (15 comments)
Water damage to covers is almost always a deal breaker for me. I figure if you have $1000 to burn on something like this you might as well save a few big bills more for a better copy. […]

2017-07-19 17:49:33
Covering A Couple of Classics (11 comments)
I only have 2 Esquires, Oliver Nelson’s “Screamin’ The Blues” and Paul Quinichette’s “For Basie”.

Both UK covers are merely rehashed versions of the US. “Screamin'” is red instead of green, with a cropped picture of Oliver and a change of font si […]

2017-07-18 17:44:07
West Coasting It in The Big Apple (11 comments)
i found most of the modes below the $10 mark however the warne is impossible to locate and always $$$. “interlude” records reissued some of them but the lp covers arent as fun […]

2017-07-17 22:05:52
Is There a “50-Year Rule” for Jazz Vinyl? (36 comments)
I agree also 😉 […]

Anders Wallinder
2017-07-16 09:20:03
Price Guide (329 comments)
what is the value range for LP microgroove 12″ Prestige , “Mr. Saxophone”, Sonny Stitt […]

Marilyn D Ramos
2017-07-11 22:46:32
A New Crowd For the $1,000 Bin? (47 comments)
it’s on the obi-stip, back bottom of the sleeve, the label itself, or stamped into the dead wax. […]

2017-07-09 15:58:34
The Lasting Value of Blue Notes. Or Not (27 comments)
collecting can have an investment angle. but the arrival of the microgroove lp in 1949, as a new standard, heralded, for the first ime, a relatively high-quality means of storing,distributing music, and listening (assuming good-grade contemporary pi […]

2017-07-07 12:15:05
A Not-Quite Adventure In Jazz Collecting (3 comments)
Yes where is all the Rendells, Hayes, Tempos, Dick Morrissey, JOe Harriott, Ian Carr etc. unt so weiter […]

2017-07-06 11:33:27
Reader Forum (1670 comments)
Hi Quincy we can help you here if you give us a clue what you have and conditions? […]

2017-06-29 12:04:02
The Sonny Rollins Bridge: Why Didn’t We think of That? (11 comments)
2700 for KOB is just absurd. […]

Clifford Allen
2017-06-26 16:06:51
Collector Questions (3 comments)
I have found a copy of DJ C-1 on Clef black label deep groove with a red and white cover, similar to what you describe. I also cannot find any listing for these DJ samplers in the Clef or Norgran discography. There is a DJ C-2 shown on Discogs. https […]

2017-06-26 09:37:15
Jazz Vinyl on eBay and In Edison New Jersey (2 comments)
i need to start going to more record shows. i always find good stuff at fair prices and have a great time. but this weekend is horribly busy, i fear. […]

Gregory The Fish
2017-06-22 21:46:32
Listings and Musings on Rare Jazz Vinyl (37 comments)
Interesting. I agree that ebay is now the only place to go. Painful to think of how many great jazz records are bottled up in Japan. Its remarkably rare to see a nice American or European jazz record from a Japanese source on ebay.

Tampa-28 (Marty […]

Paul S
2017-06-22 15:37:09
An Old Fashioned Jazz Vinyl Auction (15 comments)
Not sure this ‘grouping’ of titles works for me.
On initial first thoughts your heart skips a beat and you think wow a bargain could be had but
As Mark said, I think there is are a fair amount of dished records..
besides when you start adding tho […]

2017-06-22 05:59:29
Guest Column: Meeting Bill Evans (9 comments)
This is such an amazing story… thank you for sharing it with us and allowing us into the world of the genius Bill Evans.
As a musician I have met quite a few very famous artists but I’d swap them all for 5 seconds with Bill Evans. […]

2017-06-16 18:40:32
Blue Note Vinyl, Continued (10 comments)
If anyone wants to point any collections located on the Gulf Coast that are only being dealt locally in my direction I wouldn’t hate you for it. I finally got my first Blue Note at a garage sale, after about a decade of collecting records and garage […]

Scott Lowrey
2017-06-14 16:15:38
Random Musings and Blue Notes (32 comments)
Talking about guitarists: Two young cats studied with the same teacher. The teacher is named Chuck Richardson and hailed from Oklahoma City. The young cats were T-Bone Walker and Charlie Christian. Does anyone out there know about any records by mr. […]

Truls Bjerke
2017-06-11 05:58:41
Give Me Liberty . . . For a Lot of Money (23 comments)
rl1856 – The classic Blue Note “Sound” was created and refined through the years by Rudy Van Gelder. If you listen to the first NY non “P” sequentially they have the same RVG mastered ambience. I’ve compared original Mono DG 63rd St titles to their M […]

2017-06-08 17:39:43
Monday Morning Blue Notes (20 comments)
Ethan, no laminate on later sleeves, either. So sliding them around on shelves was rougher because there was more friction. Just a guess.

Caroline, yeah I hear you. I have done it a few times, but honestly I just do what I can when I can. I don’t […]

Gregory the Fish
2017-05-25 11:51:03
Under-The-Radar Jazz Vinyl Collectibles (16 comments)
I met/knew Jim Legge, Wade’s brother, who had a band here in Buffalo, and used to help run the CMC (Colored Musicians Club; the former “alternative union”). I knew Wade recorded with Dizzy, but not that he had his own release on Blue Note. Very cool, […]

2017-05-17 23:40:36
Guest Column: A tribute to Ed Beach (26 comments)
I listened to Ed Beach on radio many times and trusted his knowledge of jazz and its presentation implicitly. I taped some of his programs for reference but used his playlists as a guide to records I might want to buy. I came to Ed’s program after li […]

geoffrey wheeler
2017-05-15 01:18:40
Mobley Blue Note 1568: And the winner is . . . (38 comments)
Regarding the finding 1568 with two promo stamps and no NY23: It’s not relevant in deciding the matter of the earliest first press. As many of us are well aware, BN sometimes released promos considerably later than when the first press run hit the re […]

2017-05-14 21:19:13
Are We Seeing a Shift in Value of Jazz Promo LPs? (21 comments)
In my research, the White labels/Promo pressings are the first ones. DJs are issued those copies, and they took excellent care of their vinyl. How embarrassing it is to have a record skip during a radio broadcast. […]

2017-05-14 00:58:32
Cool Struttin’ At the JRC (31 comments)

$643 for a United Artists Hank 10″ on the May 1st Jazz Record Center auction –
what a record !
I cannot remember any Blue Note UA pressin […]

2017-05-09 16:50:18
From Our Readers: Blue Note and Cosmic Trane (20 comments)
Cosmic Music: The cover illustrated here is indeed the original. The first labels are lavender, with the same pattern as the cover.

Personally, I’m happy to see reissues and VG+ records going for high prices. I don’t think the concept of greed has […]

2017-05-05 23:52:47
The Stupid List (32 comments)
Bill Evans
John Coltrane
Wayne Shorter
Joe Henderson
Andrew Hill […]

Kevin B
2017-05-05 14:10:18
Sonny Clark, Dexter and an Over/Under Betting Proposition for Mobley’s Blue Note 1568 (22 comments)
$643.00 for the Mobley UA reissue!!! UNREAL!!! […]

2017-05-01 19:21:01
High Priced Vinyl, Mobley Update, WFMU Record Fair, An Offer You Can’t Refuse (At Least, I Can’t) (25 comments)
The final price on the Mobley 1568 was less than one would have expected for this lp in “new” condition. It has sold for 1k over this price a couple times recently (for lp’s in lesser condition). I’m convinced several factors were at play. The obviou […]

2017-05-01 16:34:14
Interesting Prices, Know What I Mean? (7 comments)
Back in the Fifties, and perhaps beyond, certain Down Beat reviewers may have received too many review copies and listened to too many records they became blase. The same was certainly true in the 1930s and ’40s when reviewers dinged records that lat […]

geoffrey wheeler
2017-04-29 15:48:10

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