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Horace Parlan, RIP (1 comments)
Horace Parlan did a bunch or great records on the Steeplechase label throughout the 70’s and early 80’s as well. He is one of my favorites and will be missed for sure. […]

2017-02-24 17:48:17
Prestiges, Esquires and Blue Notes, Oh My (14 comments)
I have to agree with A_B, terry. constructing those covers with the stickers and glue was almost entirely by hand back then, and plenty of nonsense made it to market. […]

Gregory the Fish
2017-02-24 13:26:30
Diggin’ Prestige (And Esquire Too) (28 comments)
As a brief aside, I have found a copy of Miles Davis All Star Sexted on Barclay that uses original Prestige pressing parts, including having an RVG. I wonder if the mothers were plated in the US and shipped to France. Thoughts? I like the US artwork […]

david j
2017-02-21 03:55:49
The Rise of the Second Pressings????? (27 comments)
I have a theory about why the (today) most valuable Blue notes, Prestige etc. will not increase as much in value as second pressings and other (today) less valuable labels.

This is because of the impact of digital sound quality. As new and increa […]

2017-02-17 10:17:35
Reader Forum (1661 comments)
I have plenty of original press records including nine Miles Davis OP’s. Looking to part with them ASAP for the right price. If you buy all of them I will give a package deal. I can give all photos and verification needed. Please call 4848946365 for […]

Emrich M Stellar
2017-02-13 04:21:23
Guest Column: A tribute to Ed Beach (25 comments)
Ed Beach was my hero. While attending Columbia University, not very long after the tumultuous spring 1968 student demonstrations, I became quite ill and had to take a semester off to recuperate at my parents’ house in Brooklyn. After a few months of […]

Marc Steinberg
2017-02-06 15:28:46
Rare European Jazz on eBay: Meinert, Pelzer and more… (15 comments)
Yeah I put in snipes on that one and the Moncur in shrink that seller had up; the Moncur went for about 220 which is not surprising but the Shorter’s insane. Looking at the bids it wasn’t even a mid-air collision between two close-out bids; multiple […]

2017-02-05 07:36:53
Rare Jazz Vinyl, But Not For Me (2 comments)
The Lou sold for $630 so I guess more people were feeling apprehensive. That seller listed a lot of Blue Notes at high starting prices and only a few of them ended up getting any bids. […]

2017-01-30 07:55:39
Two Reds and a Blue (Note) (4 comments)
Clifford – Yes, I believe the yellow cover is the second issue. A shop in LA last year had the yellow cover version for sale for $500…too rich for my blood for a second issue.

Bill – Condition goes a long way my friend…It helps as a seller t […]

2017-01-27 16:22:02
eBaying: Frank Sinatra Autograph, LD BLue Note (8 comments)
I just found a 78 RPM — Frank Sinatra autograph on Columbia 12″ promo 78 1945, E-/V+ Jazz (pictured above)! I spent $240 for it! It looks authentic to me! […]

2017-01-24 00:49:42
The Stratospheric Avant-garde on eBay – Bid or Buy (21 comments)
Bruce, what a facinating development!
I love joining these dots…
thanks a bunch for the contribution […]

2017-01-23 07:46:58
Oddities and Ends, So to Speak (12 comments)
Dexter swings his arse off on GETTING AROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My mono copy looks ++ but plays VG. Been trying to upgrade that one! […]

2017-01-23 03:45:48
The Complete Jazz Collector Bruce M. West Collection (18 comments)
Yes I’d like to more about the mysterious Horace! […]

Chris O
2017-01-18 00:13:45
RIP, Nat Hentoff (12 comments)
It’s amazing how many times you see the name “Nat Hentoff” on Jazz Lp’s.
I always got great pleasure reading these reviews.
RIP […]

2017-01-15 23:56:46
Guest Column: Collecting Jazz 45s (18 comments)
As Erich pointed out, 45s are a nice way to work on your collection without spending yourself poor. At least in my area (Midwest), 45s have been ignored and mistreated. Not many things are sadder than seeing a crate of 45s – or any records for that […]

David (Akron, Ohio)
2017-01-15 15:02:40
Rare Vinyl, Old Age and Other Existential Questions (9 comments)
I love how jacket grading can be an indicator of how liberal or conservatively a seller grades a record. That seller’s Little Johnny C jacket was graded M- and it looked VG+ to me…don’t mean to hate but I smell overgrading. […]

Rich (DG Mono)
2017-01-13 19:37:51
A New Perspective on Jazz Vinyl (4 comments)
That Sal Salvador looks interesting. […]

Clifford Allen
2017-01-13 12:10:45
The Blue Note Bargain Bin . . . Not (16 comments)
@cellery, I recall the upturned bell being present on a couple of Morgan sideman dates during that period, at least from photos. Blue Train is probably the most notable.

Indeed @ethan, all of the Strata-Easts you mention are excellent. Part of the […]

Clifford Allen
2017-01-12 10:37:34
. . . And a Quartet for New Year’s (28 comments)
Richard–grab a Ticonderoga or similar pencil and put it into the spindle hole, a few twists and you should be able to spindle the LP. My TT has a slightly large spindle and I have to do this frequently […]

2017-01-06 14:27:59
Chasing Trane: A Review, An Appreciation, A Spiritual Awakening (34 comments)
wow,what a person you are,your sensitive caring soul and love for Coltrane has helped me restore faith in humanity at a time in America heartwhen our great nation is terribly divided,I was just really tripped out by your heart and want to point that […]

2017-01-05 19:53:09
A Lovely Jazz Vinyl Trio for Christmas (32 comments)
Woody: Just wanted to make 100% sure that you know that the phrase “deep groove” has nothing to do with the depth of the grooves as they are cut into the vinyl; also that amplitude (volume) is effected by the horizontal motion of the stylus, not the […]

Rich DG Mono
2017-01-05 02:56:00
For the $1,000 Bin: Jimmy Smith, Blue Note (1 comments)
I have 5 Jimmy Smith Vinyls, what do you think there worth? […]

2017-01-04 13:47:19
Blue Notes, Brubeck and Bewildered (6 comments)
jrock1675: Right you are! (*bows deeply*) I always assumed all Lex labels came with framed jackets. I have learned something valuable today. Thank you! x c […]

2017-01-03 14:40:34
Prices Down? Methinks Not (14 comments)
I Just came upon a copy of Blue Train; john coltrane, blue note 1577-STEREO – with the address on the back as: 43 West 61st St., New York 23. Jacket and record are both in excellent condition. Any interest? […]

2016-12-29 16:47:27
Tracking Jazz LPs That Are Hip and Hipp (4 comments)
Thought some may find this interesting about the OG jazz collector […]

2016-12-22 08:18:56
Back in Business, Blue Note Style (24 comments)
Yes GST that’s right. I have a mint Bell Sound stereo abc paramount copy of “ballads” and a VG-VG+ mono AMPAR copy with van gelder. […]

2016-12-21 15:49:54
Chasing Trane 3: For the Love of Jazz (24 comments)
Hi Al, I doubt there is anyone else writing about jazz who has given his/her readers such a direct path to his or her heart. That is as much as a gift to them as your gift of getting, being in, feeling the music in an extraordinary way is a gift tha […]

Barbara Kerbel
2016-12-19 13:58:28
Any Info on Sun Ra Collectibles? (8 comments)
it took me 20 ebay-years (and 10 before ebay) to collect ALL of them: i’ve got about 150 saturns: only song of the stargazers (not sun ra) and sound advice (pat patrick) are missing —- any help wanted? sandy johnson […]

alexander johnson
2016-12-18 03:09:34
Back In Business: Bird, Blue Notes and More (13 comments)
Correction: the Ellington is on L-16006. […]

geoffrey wheeler
2016-12-13 18:31:23
More Covers: David Stone Martin (8 comments)
Do you buy David Stone Martin covers and vinyl? […]

Christina Bayles
2016-12-07 19:34:23

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