In The Jazz Vinyl Vortex Once Again

Dave Bailey copyI’m watching a few items from the current Jazz Record Center auction on eBay, including: The Dave Bailey Sextet, Bash!, Jazzline 33-10. This is an original pressing Kenny Dorham, Curtis Fuller, Tommy Flanagan and others. The record is listed in M- condition and the cover looks to be about VG+, based on the description. The bidding is at $200 with nearly three days left before the auction closes.

Oliver Nelson, The Blues and the Abstract Truth, Impulse 5. This is an original mono promo copy with the white label. The record is listed in M- condition and the cover looks to be about VG++. The bidding is at $100.

This is one that is completely new to me:

Jazz at JJ’s. This is a three-record boxed set that doesn’t really have a label. It’s a limited edition pressing and, if the Jazz Record Center listing describes it as “very rare” you know that it is, indeed, very rare because they are not given to hyperbole. It features Buck Clayton, Vic Dickenson, Hank Jones, Kenny Burrell, Milt Hinton and includes a personal letter from the record’s producer to Milt Hinton. Looks like a pretty interesting collectible, one I’ve never seen. The start price is $200 and so far there are no bidders.



  • Every time when Fred puts these super rare acetates or gems like this “Jazz at JJ’s” box online (I vividly remember a few Dizzy Gillespie acetates he once had on eBay), I think two things. 1st: I can’t afford them. 2nd: I truly hope that those recordings will once be digitized and shared with other jazz fanatics, ’cause if they end up in a collection without ever having been digitized, they will probably slide into oblivion. A horrible thought.

  • Milt Hinton’s estate was just recently auctioned off; this must be from that sale.

  • Joe L — yes, I received a press release about that and almost went, but I wasn’t in New York that weekend. Did anybody here go?

  • Clifford Allen

    Popsike lists two Jazz at J.J.’s sets going for around $100, and a volume two (!) going for a bit more, around $300. Curious to hear this as probably most of us are.

    That Dave Bailey on Jazz Line is really cool looking – I’ve wanted a copy for quite some time but it’s usually either quite expensive or quite trashed.

  • Amazing record !!! Bash!

  • I got the BASH as dutch reissue ( FONTANA ) in M- condition from the early sixites with alternate cover -> it´s called MODERN MAINSTREAM. But what music… one of my favorites OSMOSIS ! Dave Bailey plays so cool, easy, laid back : He´s the best in jazz !

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