eBay Files Criminal Complaint in Nautiluso Case

Well, our persistence paid off. We finally got a response from eBay media relations today on the Nautiluso case and it’s a doozy: The company says it has filed a criminal complaint with the Berlin Police. Here’s the full text of the reply:

“I have an short update for you and your readers. I appreciate your patience and I’m sure you understand that an international investigation takes time. You can tell your readers that eBay is continuing to investigate this matter and has filed a criminal complaint with the Berlin Police.¬†This is all the detail I can provide at this time.”

That’s all we have for now, but it’s really fascinating and gives us hope that we’ll eventually get to the bottom of what actually happened. Also, I went through all of our

previous Nautiluso coverage earlier today and put everything under a new category called “Jazz Vinyl Fraud.” If you click it under “Categories” on the right side of the page you can see all of the articles at once — 17 of them so far, with dozens of reader comments. Enjoy.

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