Sun Ra Rarity

Whoops. I was in the midst of writing this, and it appeared.

Sun Ra Orange Jazz VinylI am not a Sun Ra aficionado but our friend Michael sent me this link because it is assuredly of interest to those who are: Sun Ra, Secrets of the Sun, Saturn 9954. Michael’s note indicates that this may be a one-of-a-kind orange vinyl pressing. Can anyone confirm that? It sounds like it’s in pretty bad condition with constant surface noise and at least one skip. Considering that it has a plain generic cover, my guess is that the buyer may want this copy to put in a frame and not on a turntable. So far the bidding is at $545 and there are more than three days to go. We’ll see what happens.


  • This was originally listed with a buy now price of just under $5000. I was watching it to see if anyone would pull the trigger. I love Sun Ra but thats a lot of coin to spend on a record that I would never let my needle touch. I do think it just might make the $1000 bin. Let’s wait and see!

  • A very interesting piece for sure but I actually like to play my records and not frame them or whatever. I imagine this one is for the few well-to-do Sun Ra diehard collectors out there…

  • I have one in red and one in green and have seen a yellow copy but never an orange one. These are plastic pressings, not vinyl, hence the surface noise. A bit pricy for a noisy pressing with a skip!

  • Gregory The Fish

    i love sun ra, and rare records are fun, but i personally will never understand this.

  • Wow! Made the $3000 bin.

  • that thing was beyond obliterated.

  • Man even if I was rich I’d never buy that! I could think of many other rare albums I would rather buy…crazy!!

  • Winner only had a score of (3). I wonder what his (or her) other 3 winning bids were for.

  • I was the seller on that Sun Ra. The buyer is from Germany and got into a bidding war with another guy. I am a bit nervous since he only was 3 positive feedback. I guess we shall see.

  • Mike, on such a huge sale, how do you ship this for safety? Also, are you paying for insurance out of your pocket?

  • I have had a few sales like this before and I have no problem paying for shipping and insurance on a major purchase such as this

  • Gregory the Fish

    mike, congrats on the sale. those sun ra fanatics are a crazy bunch.

  • @Bill – It’s called quadrupling the LP boxes, then bubble wrapping the heck out of it…then putting it in a larger box with more air-wrap/bubble wrap! I did this to the Hank Mobley I sold a month back and it got to japan perfectly.

  • @ mike and anyone else who sells internationally: what is your sale price threshold for purchading insurance as a buyer? I rarely sell albums that are worth over $100, but sometimes I wonder if those that do exceed that price should be insured when sending overseas. Thoughts on where that sale price needs to be to justify insuring the package?

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