Nautiluso Buyers: Deadline to File a Claim is Now

The question about Nautiluso: Is it a fraud or just a case of an incompetent seller in completely over his head? With each passing day and new revelation it seems as if the fraud scenario is increasingly likely. If you are a buyer of one of the records and are concerned that perhaps it was a fraud, the time to act is now, particularly if you

purchased your records using Pay Pal. This is Pay Pal’s policy regarding dispute resolution:

“Open a Dispute within 45 days of the date you made the payment for the item you would like to dispute.”

Most of the auctions, such as the Jackie McLean on Ad Lib, closed on October 10. So we are now at Day 47 after the sales. So if you paid prior to October 12 and haven’t filed a dispute with eBay or Pay Pal, you could be out of luck. If you paid on October 12 or later and are concerned — and you should be — our advice would be to file a claim as soon as possible. We’ve been reading some past reports on the Internet about the fraud from Italy a couple of years ago, and most of the people who filed claims on time were able to get their money back.



    Well !!! apparently claims are filled…give me thrills when i read listings and prices, and see all those “little brain and big money” collectors now crying after their 2000, 3000 $ Blue notes…

  • Unfortunately, the Nautiluso auction was not a success even when this seller has very good feedbacks for a fair period of time.
    Coming back to Michel’s comments, I believe that his comments doesnt have their place in this forum.This forum is not the place to insult other Jazz collectors even if we believe that they were wrong.

  • I do not agree with your point of view. This forum is for serious collecting. And i think it is important to keep in mind that people who bid 2000 $ or 3000 $ for items from a low reputable seller are driving the market out of reasonnable. Scammers will be encouraged by their behaviour. My goal is certainly not to insult, just to point out how unreasonable they are. There are many reliable places where we can spend our hard earned money. Why making top bids from a seller who is registered in germany, sells from Brazil, and has NO evidence of ANY experience in selling rare jazz records ? It is easy to ask for additional pictures, sharper description, etc…prior bidding. It is very easy , in fact to have an opinion about a seller and his stuff before bidding the big money. Let’s keep Ebay clean, let’s not encourage those scammers, lets keep our money in our pockets. We will find what we need and what we love from reputable and honest guys. That is hust what i mean.

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