Buyers File $30,000 in Fraud Claims Vs. Nautiluso

In the past two days five buyers have filed 21 instances of negative feedback against Nautiluso and have indicated in their feedback posts that they have filed claims with eBay. The actual number of records involved was higher — 24 records in total — because some of the feedback actually registered as positive, accidentally we presume. You can check out the feedback comments here, but here are some samples:

“Buyers be aware! 10/10 jazz auction was a mere fake; you’ll never get your recs!”

“Never received the record. No communication from seller. Claim filed with Paypal”

“Never received the item, filed claim with Ebay and Paypal…”

“Records never delivered. There is not a response at all either.”

If those comments are not bad enough here is the piece de resistance, from a classical buyer:

“The contents are 100% different Useless trash Search with Q123Q word.”

So the assumption on that last buyer is that he received a package from Nautiluso, probably timed to arrive after the 45-day time limit for filing a claim with eBay, and the contents of the package were not relective of those that he had won on the auction. We’ll do more reporting on this later today and tomorrow, but so far the tally is as follows:

  • Six buyers total have left negative feedback stemming from the early October auctions of Nautiluso.
  • Four of those buyers purchased 22 jazz records.
  • One of the jazz buyers purchased nine records for approximately $12,743.
  • Another jazz buyer purchased nine records for approximately $11,168.
  • One jazz buyer purchased two records for $3,023. The other jazz buyer purchased two records for $1,324.
  • The four classical records for which complaints have been filed totaled $2,357
In all the 22 jazz records already publicly under investigation totaled approximately $28,258. When you add in the classical records, the total is already more than $30,000. We have one reader who suspected that this was a fraud from the beginning, so he monitored each record sold by Nautiluso that week. The total he came to was $132,000. What happens to this money? What happens to the people who filed claims too late?
What happens to Nautiluso? Stay tuned as we keep plugging away. If you want to catch up on the background of this story, just do a search on Nautiluso in the search bar at the top right of the page and all of the previous coverage and comments will come up.


  • Apparently this was a very elaborate scam…Scammer plays with the 45 days delay. The b@@@@d planned everything from the beginning. Horrible and dishonnest.

  • …Damn !!! eBay/Paypal really should adjust the whole process for transactions this massive to protect all stakeholders.

  • I got ripped off once on ebay for a $14 cd that was never mailed-and boy,was I ticked off! So you can see my inability to wrap my mind around the kind of losses we’re noting here. We’re not talking Bernie “Made Off” ,but in a way it’s just as despicable. It’s not market speculation,you’re simply paying for what you’ve ‘won’. Or not…

  • Here’s what i answered to one of our fellow collector, who accused me of insulting people : “i think it is important to keep in mind that people who bid 2000 $ or 3000 $ for items from a low reputable seller are driving the market out of reasonnable. Scammers will be encouraged by their behaviour. My goal is certainly not to insult, just to point out how unreasonable they are. There are many reliable places where we can spend our hard earned money. Why making top bids from a seller who is registered in germany, sells from Brazil, and has NO evidence of ANY experience in selling rare jazz records ? It is easy to ask for additional pictures, sharper description, etc…prior bidding. It is very easy , in fact to have an opinion about a seller and his stuff before bidding the big money. Let’s keep Ebay clean, let’s not encourage those scammers, lets keep our money in our pockets. We will find what we need and what we love from reputable and honest guys. That is hust what i mean”

    I’m happy to see that opinion is shared by others.

  • If you look closely at the various pictures, you can see that they are different from each other…Which was very unusual, especially when you sell a complete run of your own collection… why make different kind of picture ? Non sense. I think he used various sources, previous auctions, Pppsike, for providing pictures. i think in some case i would be able to tell from what seller come the picture. The me page showcasinf high end audiophile was the argument to convince big money audiophiles…

  • Good morning,

    I would like to provide positive feedbacks to the Nautiluso auction.
    A few weeks ago,I filed a claim to Ebay and Paypal against the seller. I can report today
    that the lps bought from nautiluso have been fully reimbursed by paypal this morning

  • michel,I’m with you 100%! I’m just like everybody else(I think).I like to find records for as little money as I can-and SELL records for as MUCH as I can! Ain’t nothing wrong with that. However,if we all become more vigilant and selective about whom we send our hard-earned money to,well..I think we ALL benefit. Not just the honest sellers who may find themselves handling more bidders than before,but also the winning bidder who will be assured of actually GETTING what he pays for. And if the crooks are weaned from the herd,the prices paid may drop a bit,or perhaps level off to a much more sensible amount. That may sound strange coming from a committed seller,but one expression comes to mind that helps me make sense of it all. “Never bite the hand that feeds you”-you know?

  • The fraud perpetrated out of Italy back in 2007, which I’ve mentioned in my previous posts here (including the one at the beginning of this mess where I expressed that I would be wary of this seller), was bigger $$$ wise than this one, I believe. More records, more defrauded buyers in the 2007 fiasco. I think the general fraud perpetrated by this criminal is not the biggest part of the story at the end of the day. Based on my own experience in 2007, I think all the winning bidders will be made whole by Paypal — or at least up to the typical Paypal $2000 maximum. The biggest concern in this particular auction to me is that dramatic shilling clearly occurred (i.e. this sellers was able to set up accounts or get others to bid the prices up). No other way to explain the record-setting prices on so many LPs in an auction that was being questioned by many from the start and coming out of a geographic region (Brazil) where grading and delivery is always a crap shoot. No offense to the great country of Brazil — great bossa nova; terrible grading policies.

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  • i had a very bad feeling about this auction from the start, thats why i cancelled all my bids w/ this seller… as someone who was ripoff by the italian fraud a couple years back.. ( and never reimbursed0- will explain that later

    i had a strong feeling this even with this sellers great feedback, there would be alot of unhappy people,

    i only hope that everyone paid via credit card, and npot with funds in your account or check, like i did 2 years ago… paypal knows you have no defense , unlike a credit card were u can simply dispute or file a fraud case against paypal…. i hope that everyone gets reimbursed

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