A Treat: Zoot Sims Video From 1958

Not sure why, but somebody sent me this great clip of Zoot Sims playing I’ll Remember April at a jazz festival in Cannes from 1958. He’s accompanied by Walter Davis, Doug Watkins and Art Taylor. The clip has only been viewed 30 or so times, so it should be new to most of us. Man, Zoot could play.

Zoot Sims 1958, Cannes

One comment

  • To who posted this about Zoots video clip. Zoot was my uncle and I wanted to know if you might have a copy of that clip or want to sell it?. My last name is Welch because his brother Bob Sims married mom when I was just two years old.I hope you can get back to me on this as my mother would be shocked if I could give it to her.
    Thank you, K. Welch

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