Our First Newsletter, May 9, 2004

Welcome to Jazz Collector. If you’re receiving this, then you’ve been selected for a free subscription to our daily email newsletter. For more information come to our web site at jazzcollector.com. Otherwise, please read on. Woke up in a generous mood this morning, so I delved into the collection and came up with an item to give away to a lucky subscriber.  Here it is: Gene Ammons, Live! In Chicago, Prestige 7495. This is an original 

LP with the blue label in M- condition, both record and cover.  Click here to see a picture. Nice date, released in 1967, featuring Ammons backed by an organ and drums. One of the interesting things about this LP is that it is a reissue of an LP originally released as Just Jug, Argo 698.  Some nice bebop from Ammons on “Scrapple From the Apple” and relaxed versions of “It Could Happen to You” and “Falling in Love With Love.” This album received four stars in the All Music Guide. If you want to be eligible to win this record, just send us an email at rhett@jazzcollector.com. The winner will be announced in two days. We’ll even pay shipping in the U.S. Overseas is a $10 surcharge. We don’t give away collectibles every day, but we try to do it at least once a week so be prepared. You never know when the mood will strike us.

Sometimes inspiration comes from the strangest places. A few weeks ago I’m watching the TV show Everyone Loves Raymond and it’s about the father’s jazz record collection, which Raymond wants to replace with CDs. The collection isn’t much – maybe a dozen records – but the centerpiece is Ben Webster Meets Oscar Peterson, Verve 8349.  This is one of those records I probably haven’t listened to in a dozen years: You know how some records just get buried in the shuffle. Anyway, it’s terrific, a great, relaxed session. If you want to smile, put on In The Wee Small Hours of The Morning and just sit back.  Click here if you’d like to hear it.  It’s okay if you don’t have the record: The music is available on CD. 

Bonus: Here’s a quote from John Coltrane about Webster, courtesy of a Downbeat Blindfold Test from Feb. 1959, which I pulled out of my collection: “The sound of that tenor . . . I wish he’d show me how to make a sound like that. I’ve got to call him up and talk to him!”

EBAYING: Missed out on a few interesting items in the past few days. In some cases the prices just got a little too rich for my blood, in others I forgot to bid. My friend recommended that I get some Sniper software, which I plan to do. I’ll let you know how it works out. Anyway, here are some of the nice items that sold in the past couple of days:

Lester Young, The President, Norgran 1005. This was a yellow label listed in M- condition with some slight cover damage. Price was  $81.

Booker Little 4, United Artists UAS 5034. This was a stereo copy listed in excellent condition. Price was $76.87.

Red Norvo with Tal Farlow and Charles Mingus, Savoy 12088. This was an original pressing with the red label in excellent condition. Price was $66.50

Fats Navarro with Dexter Gordon, Nostalgia, Savoy 12133. This was also an original pressing with the red label in near mint condition. It sold for $139.50.

James Moody, Moody, Prestige 7072. This was an original with the yellow label and New York address in VG++ condition. It sold for only $21.49, which seems like a bargain to me. Perhaps one of our subscribers can explain to me why prices always seem to be relatively low on Moody records, even when they are on premium labels such as Blue Note and Prestige.

Looking ahead on eBay the next couple of days, check out the auctions of the dealer Anthonypearson. He’s got some great items up for sale, including original Savoys, Riversides, Blue Notes and Prestiges. Don’t know where he came up with these, but it’s quite an impressive lot. So far the prices seem reasonable for some very rare collectibles.

Question for the Day: Which hard bop bassist went by the nickname “Home?” 

Last Chorus: That’s all for today, folks. We do this five days a week, offering new items for sale every single day exclusively to subscribers. For more information about what we do and how to subscribe, please come to Jazzcollector.com or send me a note. Also, please remember that, like you, we are fans and collectors. We don’t purport to own all the knowledge and expertise about jazz and jazz collecting, so if you see mistakes, have suggestions or would like to contribute to our efforts, please let us know. Email is always the best way to stay in touch. See you tomorrow. — al







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