A Bargain At Under $1,000?

If a record should sell for more than $1,000, perhaps this would fit the bill: Sonny Rollins, Tenor Madness, Prestige 7047. This was a beautiful, New York pressing in mint minus condition, for both the record and the cover. Sonny and Trane together, an early Prestige, great cover. It’s got it all. This one sold for $832. As great a record as this is, this is the highest price we’ve ever recorded for it. The previous high in the Jazz Collector Price Guide was $543.  I actually think this one would have sold for a higher price with a better picture. Someday soon we will be adding a copy of this to the $1,000 been, we are quite sure.

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  1. Bob Brooks Says:

    I just barely won a copy of tenor madness. Another buck and it would have went to someone else. It is item 390112806853, sorry I don’t know how to do the link yet. I guess I just need some feedback on it. I might have overpaid because of the foxing on back, but I’m not sure how much that devalues. Also are all deep groove new yorks original presses? I just assumed that because they get repressed with new jersey address. Thanks to anyone who looks it up.

  2. Rudolf A. Flinterman Says:

    is that the one which went for $ 349? The foxing of that one does not look too bad. To me it looks like a very solid copy of a NY original.This is certainly an original 1st pressing.
    Congratulations. IMO you did not pay too much.

  3. Chris Says:

    Congrats on the Tenor Madness Bob!
    I was going to contest this, but the seller did not answer my questions regarding VG+ condition until after the auction ended and I thought the upper seam was split.
    I have the worst luck with VG+, as it is the most subjective of grades and I wasn’t going to gamble at this price point. I won a couple other of the seller’s lps though and I think he grades conservatively and we picked up some nice stuff.
    As to your DG question, I would say yes, but it is not the indicative feature (most, if not all Bergenfields/New Jazz have it too as you noted) as it is with Blue Notes and is in my opinion, simply a marketing ploy by sellers for other labels, i.e. Riverside, Contemporary as they used different pressing plants/techniques and cannot be held to the same early pressing blue note criteria.
    PS- If there are any Kenny G bidders reading, I have some Wynton Marsalis shrink wrapped lps I’ll sell ya…

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