A Date With Prestige

Roy Haynes Jazz VinylHere’s some more jazz vinyl from our eBay watch list, starting with Roy Haynes, Cracklin’ with Booker Ervin, New Jazz 8286. This is an original pressing with the purple labels and deep grooves. The record and cover are listed in M- condition. The price is in the $185 range and there are still three days left on the auction. You know you’re in trouble when you lose track of the records in your collection. I know I owned this record and I went to my shelf to look at my copy, but the space on the shelf where this record should have been sitting was bare. So I don’t own the record, apparently. But I can’t remember what I did with my copy. If any of you out there has my copy of Cracklin’ please let me know. Thanks.

This one I know I don’t own: Ray Bryant Trio, Prestige 7098. This is an original yellow label pressing with the New York address. The record and cover are described as being in M- condition, although I can’t accept that a cover with a punch hole through the label is M-. Maybe that’s just me. But probably not. Not to mention some writing on the back. Bidding on this is in the $220 range with three days left on the auction.

While we’re on Prestiges:

Tommy Flanagan Overseas, Prestige 7134. This is an original pressing listed in VG++ condition for the record and VG+ for the cover. The bidding is in the $925 range with well more than three days left on the auction.



  • Gregory the Fish

    ahhhh cracklin’. will she ever be mine?

  • I’ve been on a Booker kick , but haven’t been able to obtain much on vinyl…really would like “That’s It.” One day.

  • A decade ago, you could get Cracklin’ for under $100 no problem. Should’ve bought it then!

  • Also, I would have a hard time calling that Ray Bryant jacket NM-. Not with the folds to the back slick and the writing (neither of which were mentioned in the description).

  • My favorite Booker: The Song Book on Prestige. One of the real underrated tenors, right? Always played with passion and intensity.

  • Love Booker. My original copy of That’s It! is one of the treasures of my collection. Al – you’re right, and all, in fact, of the “Books” on Prestige are super. The In Between on Blue Note is also a gem (with the added bonus of Richard Williams on trumpet and Van Gelder sound).

  • Agreen on the Booker Ervin. I especially like his solo on “Lester Young’s theme” (aka Good Bye Porkpie Hat) the Mingus Mingus Mingus session on Impulse. He also plays fine on some Horace Parlan albums on Blue Note.
    Regarding the Ray Bryant album, i’d love to get one. But with a hole in the middle, i couldn’t call it a NM cover. I find it disturbing. I bet it will reach the 1000 $ zone anyway.

  • I’ve got a NM copy of the Ray Bryant Trio that is in my sell/trade pile. It’s one I’ve had a couple different times, and just can’t keep it! Don’t know why…

  • pastime 253 if you plan to sell it, just let me know. I’d be interested. blueingreen@live.fr

  • Al I love the way you illustrate your organisational skills , when you say you go to the exact place where ‘Cracklin’ should be….Man my records are in the racks and i have no real idea where anything is…it takes me ages to find a required record, by which time I have stumbled across 10 more forgotten gems I would / should listen to again and alas the original search is abandoned! I kind of like this method.
    On the Booker tip, he is a great Tenor. Cookin on Savoy 1960 is a good Record, a strange record with short cuts is ‘Gumbo’ on Prestige but I love it. I also love the stuff he did with Randy Weston on the African cookbook sessions some great solos on that disc.

  • I’m very organized in general, and particularly when it comes to my records. Having two homes has certainly complicated the issue, but I would go nuts if I didn’t have my records organized in some way.

  • I don’t have nearly the collection of many of you (certainly not close to as many as Al) and for now I’ve been organizing by record label. Most of my LPs fit into about 10-12 major labels, and then there another dozen where I just have one or two, and then about a dozen spare LPs that are the only I have on a particular label. So if you do it that way, certainly there’s a “spot” where it “should” be. Otherwise if I do it by artist I’m going to want to do it chronologically, which is a little more of a pain in my opinion, especially when leaders jump from label to label.

  • Al, you will never know the the joy of the search! 🙂

  • I’d also be interested Ina copy of the Ray Bryant trio.


  • I organize by label and catalog number for the most part. Eventually I pull records from the shelf to play upstairs, and I bring records back down, don’t file them away properly, and the collection becomes a disorganized mess. About once or twice a year I go in and reorganize, swearing that “I’ll never let it get this bad again”… yeah, right.

    However, I don’t mix genres.. so at least I have that going for me.

  • Oh, and about a year ago Dusty Groove had not one, but two copies of Cracklin’ both for under $25, and they both sat on the shelf for at least two weeks. I wish I would have bought one of those.. eh.. the one that got away.

  • I hope you are all familiar with the hilarious sequence in the movie “Diner” about the guy who nearly divorces his wife when she mixes up the genres in his record collection.
    Personally, I would have shot her.

  • Uhh… no violence necessary, but yeah, that is a great scene.

    I believe Rick’s copies of Cracklin’ were space-fillers and not NM. But hey.

  • Something like this:
    Shrevie: You wouldn’t put Charlie Parker in with the rock and roll.
    Beth: I don’t know. Who is Charlie Parker?
    Shrevie: He’s the greatest jazz sax player of all time.

    And it’s all downhill from there. Great movie, great scene.

  • For those of you who haven’t seen “Diner”


  • Clifford – you are correct, they were VG- at Dusty Groove. I also still regret a bit not filling that space, however!

  • How about the scene from High Fidelity where John Cusack is organizing his record collection “biographicaly”. He has to remember who he was dating when he bought a particular Fleetwood Mac record. Hysterical.

  • Booker Ervin’s record with Booker Little, “Sounds of Inner City” is a gem as well. A fine listen.

  • That’s the Jazz in the Garden session on Warwick. Love it.

  • I’ had not listened This Warwick 2033 for years. Eventually found it on my shelves. I’m listeing to it right now. Hot music, but i’m not a big fan of Booker Little – except on Far Cry./

  • Booker Little on Fantastic Frank Strozier (Vee Jay 3005) is all.

  • I find Booker Little’s record “Out Front” somewhat pedestrian, but his work on Slide Hampton and his horn of plenty is nicely done.

  • This is so wrong, I don’t know what else to say: $198 for an OJC? Are people naïve or just greedy?


  • Wow, move that decimal point one to the left and it’s still too much!

  • I bought an original copy of “Smack Up” a month ago for $8.

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