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Miles Jazz Vinyl copyAs I’m cleaning out my watch list, I’ve come across several more of those Esquire Prestige pressings with the very interesting covers that are new to me. Here are a few:

Miles, His New Quintet, Esquire 32-021. This is the U.K. pressing of the first of the Miles Davis Quintet records featuring John Coltrane. This copy was in VG+ condition for the record and the cover. It sold for $145.44.

Miles Davis, Relaxin’, Esquire 32-068. This was also an original U.K. pressing in VG+ condition for the record and VG for the cover. This one sold for $77.44. I will say that the cover on this one is slightly less appealing, for whatever reason.

Then there was this one, from a different seller:

Hank Mobley, Mobley’s Message, Esquire 32-029. This was an original U.K. pressing that looked to be in about VG+ for both the record on the cover. It sold for $181.24. Like this cover a lot.


miles davis relaxin copy


Mobley's MEssage copy



  • …Some if these old Esquire covers are reminiscent in style of the classic David Stone Martin covers from the old Clef Record covers. Then there are a few like the Esquire version of Miles Davis’ Relaxin’ above that appear to be quick knock-offs when compared to the Prestige originals. Anyone know anything about the artists Esquire used for their cover art ?

  • Cartoonist/graphic designer and jazz guitarist Diz Disley did some of them.

  • @Don Lucky: London Jazz Collector has an article or two about Esquire releases 🙂

  • Sidewinder / Mattyman: Thanks for the info guys !

  • Off topic:

    R.I.P – Orrin Keepnews
    (Riverside Records)

  • And, Don-Lucky, to be even more specific, HERE is the direct link to London Jazz Collector’s Esquire label guide 😀

  • Some of the graphic designs on Esquire were done by a John Marshall – I don’t think this is the same person as the Nucleus/Soft Machine drummer, more likely Austin John Marshall, who did quite a few designs for 1960s UK folk LP covers.

  • Hey sidewinder!

    Ah, see I had thought it was the drummer, but I guess he would have had to be a teenager when those Esquires were coming out !

  • The Mobley Esquire “hurts my feelings” as I like to say.

  • Hi Cliff – Turned out that Austin John Marshall was a student at Slade School of Art in London so I would put my money on him having done the Esquires. Cheers !

  • orrin Keepnews.. R.I.P
    how manny times have i red that name, while listening to perfect jazz and starring at the back of it’s album cover.

    thumbs up!!

  • also R.I.P. : great documentary clark terry

  • Thanks again Mattyman, just read the Esquire link you posted !

  • Most welcome, Don Lucky 🙂

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