Jackie-ing On eBay

As we were catching up on items from last week, we noticed some interesting Jackie McLean records we were watching, so here comes some Jackie-ing on a lovely Monday morning in The Berkshires.

This seller had a bunch of nice records, but they were not in near-mint condition, so the prices seemed pretty reasonable, if you were willing to gamble. Here’s an example: Jackie McLean, Jackie’s Pal, Prestige 7068. This looked like an original New York pressing with the deep grooves and the flat edge and it was listed in VG++ condition for the cover and VG+ for the record. I could see where bidders, such as myself, might be a bit wary. The description of the cover sounded a lot more like VG+ than VG++ and the description of the vinyl used this language: “Scratches can be seen.” The record sold for $260.15. Somebody took a risk. This one came from the same seller: Jackie McLean, Alto Madness, Prestige 7114. This was also  an original New York pressing and this one was listed in

VG+ condition for both the vinyl and the cover. The price was $449. In the Jazz Collector Price Guide, a copy of Jackie’s Pal in M- condition recently sold for nearly $1,600 and a copy of Alto Madness, also in M- condition, sold for nearly $1,000.

This one came from a different seller: Jackie McLean, Lights Out, Prestige 7035. This was also an original pressing. The record was listed in M- condition — unplayed, apparently, until the seller played it — and the cover was listed in VG- condition. It sold for $554.55. If I were home rather than in the country, I might have considered bidding on this one. I think my copy at home has a nice cover, but a VG record. I could have swapped and mixed-and-matched, but without actually viewing my copy, $555-plus was a bit too much too gamble, don’t you think?


  • …”Another lovely Monday morning in ‘The Berkshires’ with Jackie” there Al ? You are certainly living the dream my friend. I think the real gamble here was the decision for the rest of us to actually go into the office on such a fine day as this ! All motivation has gone right out the window now, but perhaps a little “ebay therapy” will ease the pain…

  • Don-Lucky, you are right, indeed. Although I have to work, I do have the advantage of an office on an outdoor porch overlooking a lovely mountain lake. It could be worse, I would say. I’ll do a post later, but I’m also doing a gig here on Saturday night at the Monterey General Store, which is, really, a general store here in lovely Monterey, MA. It will be a guitar duo with my good friend Dan Axelrod and it will be quite a fun time. . . if anyone is in the neighborhood and would like to drop by.

  • Well, folks, ever since my very first comment here on Jazzcollector I have been “diggin’ in the crates” as one of the regular visitors suggested. And lo and behold: today I was able to add Miles Davis 1501 to the 1502 that I already had. And from what I’ve learned here on the site, this must be an original first pressing.

    Since I love sharing photos of my few gems, I have the 1501 details for you, so please click HERE.

    The record is perfectly flat, just like my 1502, it has the ‘ear’ (or the ‘p’ from Plastylite if I’m correct) RVG is in the dead wax and the label clearly shows the famous deep groove. The label has a bit of white out on it, clearly to cover up hand writing on the label. The vinyl is dusty, but plays terrific and is in good shape. A friend with a professional record cleaner will take care of that 😉

    I paid a total of 120 Euro for it, which is around $150. From what I’ve learned here, this was a good price for a precious gem!
    Mattyman, The Netherlands

  • Mattyman — that is a beauty, indeed, and an original, first pressing, and a great price. Congrats.

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