This Week on Ebay: Miles, Clifford, Trane

We haven’t been very active selling on eBay lately: Just life getting in the way. However, this week we found some time to clean and post a bunch of items. It’s a mixed bag, but there are a few nice ones, including:

Miles Davis, Blue Haze, Prestige 7054. This is an original New York yellow label Prestige. It’s in VG+ condition, and sounds quite nice. We put a start price of $30 and it’s already received a bid, so we expect there to be some action.

We also put up a nice-sounding original copy of Clifford Brown, Jam Session, Emarcy 36002. This also has a start price of $30. It’s a great record, with a lot of positive energy. 

As you may have noticed on the Jazz Collector site, we’ve been going through some old Downbeat Magazines, looking for collectibles (we’re even giving one away). We’ve put a few up for sale in our eBay story, and we put a very interesting one up for auction yesterday. It is:

The April 8, 1965 issue of Downbeat with a cover story on Ornette Coleman. What we found most interesting as we perused the issue as a collector, was the original review of John Coltrane’s classic LP A Love Supreme, Impulse 77. The reviewer was Downbeat editor Don DeMicheal, who gave the record five-stars and was able to see that this was a milestone record. We put a price of $12 on the Downbeat and we think it’s a nice collectible to own. We’ll see what happens.

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