Updates From The Jazz Record Center Auction, Part 1

So the auction from the Jazz Record Center ended the other day and here are some of the results of items we were watching:

Sonny Rollins, Tenor Madness, Prestige 7047. This was an original pressing with the yellow label and New York address. It was listed in mint condition, not mint minus but mint, and the cover was probably M-. This one sold for $1,080. As loyal readers will know, this is one of my favorite records — really, with Coltrane and Rollins together for the only time, how could it not be a favorite — and it is a record of which I own two copies, a New York pressing in VG+ condition and a pristine New Jersey pressing. When I listen I always put on the New York pressing in VG+ condition. Why? Because it’s the original and the occasional pops and clicks are part of the charm and the passion, of course.

I always keep an eye out for this because it’s one of my favorite jazz collectibles, non-vinyl category: To Bird With Love. This is a book published in France by Chan Parker and Francis Paudras. It is a gorgeous book and it so obviously lives up to it’s title, as it is a loving tribute to Bird, with photos, letters, contracts and just about everything you could ever imagine. I bought a copy when it first came out and it’s something I’ve always treasured and often go back to, just to look through it and re-capture the magic of Bird: Especially with one of the Dials or Savoys on the turntable. This copy of the book was in mint condition and sold for $266.66. Someone will be quite thrilled, I’m sure.




  • wow, a Mint/Mint copy of Tenor Madness on Prestige NYC. No amount is too high for such a rarity.
    I noticed that there is a minor difference between the NYC and the Bergenfield version: the red on the cover front is of a different shade.
    I have started to play the Bergenfield version more often, just to keep the NYC copy in top shape.

  • I’m the lucky person who won the To Bird with Love book. This will make the third time that I have owned it, I foolishly sold it two other times. Oh well, third time’s the charm and I fully intend to keep it I was surpised to win it, as I bid what I felt I could afford and was sure it would go higher. Maybe the S & P rating downgrade affected the bidding. It seems pundits say it will affect everything else.

  • lennib,if I get some decent money for some things I’m selling off,I want to put something away for the NEXT copy of To Bird that shows up. JRC has sold it before and probably will again(to ME,dammit!)

  • Very cool record! (tenor madness)
    I bought a collection of about 300 great jazz/rock/psych/soul/rockabilly/country/gospel(great vj gospel i;e.!) a mixed bag really, to resell about 3 years ago. It had a VGish SAXOPHONE COLLOSSUS(sic) in it that didn’t actually surface! I asked the guy I was buying it from what happened and now I understand the meaning of the reply … “um?!” That was the only missing record however. I would of kept it had it popped up.
    Well, I made ultra-bank with that collection and got to keep some great gems – a truly beautiful black label ++/++ MOANIN IN THE MOONLIGHT, some cool MARTY PAICHs/ ART PEPPERs on orig TAMPA, a super clean mono PAUL GONZALES – GETTIN’ TOGETHER on JAZZLAND, and so many others.
    I had to sell the jazz rarities however. You all know how much you’ld want to keep ’em! Well, … so did I! 4 giant original BNs in particular – KENNY DORHAM – R.M. @ the CAFE BOHEMIA, CLIFF JORDAN – CLIFF CRAFT, J.R. MONTEROSE w/ ira sullivan, and a KENNY DORHAM – WHISTLE STOP. All real nice presentable pieces which came in at great prices! Oh well! Those 4 records paid for the collection alone and the rest was sheer profit/bank! Banana warhols, rare psych, a LOT of $4-$100 jazzers, a dozen or so really clean Sun lps(they were tough to sell ’cause some of those Sun lps are dynamite!) etc etc… I have replaced a few but man it would be nice to just spend it and KEEP IT for a change huh?!?!? I did replace the J.R. MONTEROSE a few months back w/ a later mono UA pressing. Not the same but enjoyable none less. Peace, Red

  • $40(forty!)-$100 jazzers (typo!)

  • looking forward to part 2…….

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