Watching the Warhol Covers

I’m in the midst of an interesting experiment. Last week I put three records on eBay with a common property: Each features a cover design or cover artwork by Andy Warhol. The three records are The Story Of Moondog, Prestige 7099; Artie Shaw, Any Old Time, RCA 1570; and Artie Shaw, Both Feet in the Groove, RCA Victor 1201. Clearly, the Moondog on Prestige is the big prize of the bunch. In posting the three together, it is clear to see how much the Moondog is the prize of the bunch. I started each item with the same exact price: $49.99. They all close today, and they are all in relatively comparable condition. The Moondog LP currently has a top price of $255. It also has received a total of

165 page views and it has 46 potential buyers watching it on the watch lists. The two Artie Shaw LPs together have a total of zero bids, have been viewed a total of 25 times and have two potential buyers watching them on their watch lists.

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