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This is a complete non-sequitor from what we mostly do here these days . . . but, I was in my storage unit the other day and I noticed a box full of old magazines I hadn’t looked at in years and I stuck them in the car and drove them up to the country and now, when I am supposed to be working, I am looking at old magazines and procrastinating. And I came to this Downbeat from December 1967 and on the cover was the announcement of the Jazzman of the Year. And I thought to myself, hmm, if you would have given me 20 guesses I would have never come up with that name. So, I will put it out there to all of you in the Jazz Collector audience. Want to guess who Downbeat named as its 1967 Jazzman of the Year? No peeking: We are on the honor system here.


  • Hmm, let me see…. Who was riding (somewhat inexplicably) high then? OK, I admit it — honour will let me do nothing else — I Googled it. The answer is logical but I would never have ‘guessed’ it unaided. But I bet someone else will…

  • i’m going for Joe Zawinul, don’t know why!
    I have not peeked..

  • Couldn’t resist…..Just googled it, your right it makes sense but I would NEVER have got it.
    I do like him a lot tough

  • I looked it up as well -guilty your honour, but I was born in ’71 so please forgive me- but I won’t spoil the fun for those who actually do know the answer.

  • Charles Lloyd

  • or Coltrane

  • Cheated too. I really would have never gotten that (was born in ’79). On a side note when did Jimmy Smith not “win” for best organist.

  • Wasn’t it Ornette that year?

  • I’m going to let the guessing continue without comment. I’ll post the answer in the morning. Obviously, if you can’t wait there’s Google.

  • Monk?

  • giovanni zanoni

    dave brubeck?

  • Hmmm, Coltrane in the year before his dead? I dont think so, but McCoy Tyner perhaps ?

  • And the answer is . . . . Charles Lloyd.
    Michel got it. I would have never guessed. I suppose he was hot then with the album Forest Flower. It came in second for record of the year behind . . . Miles Smiles. Somehow, in the voting for Jazzman of the Year, Don Ellis came in fourth place, behind Lloyd, Ellington and Buddy Rich. Immediately after Ellis were Ornette Coleman, Miles Davis, Stan Getz and Sonny Rollins. Fo figure.

  • Another question please !

  • That’s:
    Dig ya, dig ya, bo bigya
    Banana fana… Fo figure

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