A Couple of New Ones For The Price Guide

Here are a few items that don’t normally make the Jazz Collector Price Guide:

Sonny Rollins, The Bridge, RCA 2527. This was an original stereo pressing listed in M- condition by a very reputable seller who also owns the best record store on Long Island. Still, while this is an interesting record with an interesting history — the return of Rollins after his legendary practice sessions on the Williamsburg Bridge — it has never really been a collectible item, at least in terms of its selling price. Perhaps it’s starting to move up the ranks: This one sold for $90.99. Not quite Blue Note prices, but a collectible price nonetheless.

Here’s another one we normally don’t track:

Roland Kirk, The Inflated Tear, Atlantic 1502. This was an original mono pressing, with a promo stamp on the cover and a white label. The seller notes that there were very few mono pressings of this LP because it was only available in the promo copies. I had never heard this story. I looked at the copy in my collection and it is a stereo. Anyway, this didn’t get an outrageous collectible price, but it sold for $43.67, more than usual for this LP. It also hit my radar because, if the mono pressing is truly unusual, I would expect that additional copies will sell for more money in the future. That’s how we collectors think, isn’t it: If something is rare, it must be of value.

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