Bargains? It’s All The Eyes of the Beholder

Based on a suggestion from one of our readers, we tried to point out a few potential bargains on eBay this week, as we always do. How’d we do? Mixed, I would say. The first one was Phil Woods, Warm Woods, Epic 3436 (you can find the link if you just do a search on the site, which is that little gray bar at the top right). When we spotted this record it was priced at just $30 with only a few hours left in the auction. But, clearly, there were some major bidders waiting in the weeds. The record eventually sold for $434.77. The vinyl was in M- condition and the cover was VG++. Yesterday we pointed out a copy of Count Basie, RCA 1112. This one has a cover by Andy Warhol and has sold for more than $160 in the past. When we spotted this one, it was at $1.99 and sold a few hours later for just $20, so that seems like a bargain in our book. It’s always dangerous for us to go bargain-hunting on the Jazz Collector site: Once we point out the record, it’s no longer a hidden gem but out there for the world to see. So we’ll try our best to be fairly discrete in our pronouncements.


  • Don’t know if this counts as a baragin, but I just picked up a copy of Art Hodes’ Hot Five BLP-7005 for $9 on ebay.

  • Hey, Jason. I love those 10-inch Blue Notes. For nine bucks how can you go wrong. Did you notice the post we did a few weeks ago on The Blue Note Story, in which Leonard Feather discusses pretty much the entire Blue Note 10-inch catalog?

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