Newcomers For the Jazz Collector Price Guide

Here are some records that don’t often make it to the Jazz Collector Price Guide.

I’ve never thought of this record as a collectible: The Standard Sonny Rollins, RCA 3355. This was an original pressing and it was in M- condition. It sold for $122.50. It was a stereo pressing and I’m wondering, perhaps, if it is as much an audiophile collectible as much as a jazz collectible. I’m a big Rollins fan, but this is not among my favorite Sonny LPs.

How about this one: Presenting Red Mitchell, Contemporary 3538. This is an original deep groove mono pressing with the yellow label. The vinyl was listed in M- condition and the

cover was VG++. The price was $139.50.

The market for this record, and others of its era, seems to be slipping: Flip Phillips, Flip Wails, Clef 691. This was an original pressing. The vinyl was VG++ and the cover was VG+. The price was $52.50. This price was probably aided by the fact that it has a nice cover illustration by David Stone Martin.

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