Jazz Record Collector’s Bash in June

If you’re in the New York Metropolitan area at the end of June you might want to head over to the Jazz Record Collector’s Bash in Iselin, New Jersey. This is a two-day event, June 24 and 25, and there are dealers with records for sale and vintage video presentations. Last year there were 36 dealers on the first day, according to Art Zimmerman, who runs the event. This event has been going on annually for 37 years, believe it or not, and there’s a history on the Web site at Jazz Record Collector’s Bash. There was a time I used to go regularly, often looking for records, but a couple of times renting a table. I do remember a couple of very nice scores there when I was a dealer: I know I’ve told this story, but there was a guy who had a bunch of beautiful Prestige Swingville and Moodsville in unplayed mint condition and he was selling them for $5 apiece and I was able to get to him before anyone else, so I scooped up most of the good stuff. I also remember that he had a 10-inch Sonny Criss on Clef that I bought for $5 and eventually sold for $175. Thinking about it, I’d love to go again this year, but I fear my schedule may not permit it. If anyone does go, feel free to write a guest column for the rest of us at Jazz Collector.


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  • Went this past Friday 6-24, took forever to leave NYC and thus got there late, but many dealers and lots of nice lps. as a low budget player, I was restricted but the Bash is always worth while visiting. Me, i came for the records and thus cannot comment on other activities, such as film viewing, etc. that occur.

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