See You At the Fair?

For the past few weeks I have been cleaning and packing and pricing records in anticipation of the WFMU Record Fair, which will begin next Friday at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York. I’ve had a table at this fair a couple of times before. I’m not a dealer, but I have hundreds of duplicates so I use this as a way to get rid of records that I either don’t want to sell on eBay or, more likely, don’t have time to sell on eBay. If you are in the New York area next weekend it’s definitely worth a visit. I’ve always found nice jazz there — usually I buy more than I sell but, hey, I am a Jazz Collector, right? I’ll also have some nice items to sell as well because I’ve bought a couple of collections in the past year and I haven’t been selling on eBay in months, so it will all be fresh new inventory no one has ever seen. Perhaps even a couple of original Blue Notes. The fair starts with early admission on Friday at 4 p.m. and goes through Sunday evening. And if you’re there, you better come say hi, right?


  • this weekend in milano:
    Vinilmania,a vinyl fair,all kinds of music,jazz <5% but usually some nice records.sellers from italy,holland,france,england etc.
    sadly no bargains.I'll let you know if some good vinyl comes out.
    if anyone 'round here,wellcome.

  • Al – will you be there all three days this year or just Friday? And any Brother Jack on yellow label Prestige making its way to the fair?

  • Hey, Jason. I’ll be there all three days this year. I haven’t found any more Brother Jacks, but I’ll look and see what I have in the Prestige area that may be of interest.

  • Good luck with the sales at the fair this year Al. Sadly, I won’t be able to make it myself… The wife “grounded” me until all the #$%&ing leaves are off the lawn believe it or not !!! It also cost me $3650 to get my chimney fixed this weekend, so I won’t be buying any records for a little while… But we’ll see… heh heh heh.

  • Well, Al, enjoy it. While you’re selling your gems, I’ll be here in the rainy Netherlands! 😉

  • Hey Al- indeed, have a blast at the WFMU Fair. This will be the first time in five years I am not selling at the show. Between rising table costs for dealers and being in the process of moving, had to pass up this time. Speaking of moving, this is the first time in my short life thus far (29 yrs old) that I have had to move 10,000+ LPs from A to B and man, it’s killing me! Anyone have any humorous, frustrating, or horrifying vinyl moving stories to share?

  • Looking forfward to it,Al-haven’t done FMU fair in years!

  • Horrifying in retrospect. My then spouse decided we had no more space for my records and determined to take stuff I didn’t play to a car boot sale. Most of my 1960’s vintage vinyl collection was snapped up instantly by a dealer, and she proudly gave me the £20 she had got for them all. I passed just one in the window of a record store the other day, £250.

    There is a moral here, but I can’t seem to find it. Help me out, anyone?

  • yes,I do.
    everyone always encounters the right wife……
    ……after !
    in the meanwhile everyone of us,no one excluded,must protect our beloved “children” with every effort,even arms in hand.
    here’s my shoulder to cry.

  • Indeed DottorJazz, I went on to meet Mrs Right. Unfortunately for me, I was married at the time to Mrs Wrong. The path of true happiness went on to be rewritten.

    However there is still what brothers in music refer to as “W.A.F”: Wife Acceptance Factor. Record playing equipment, storage, and interconnecting “wires” score very low.

    To the ladies I say: its never a good idea to demand ” either the records go or I do”.

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