WFMU Record Fair Coming in Two Weeks

The annual WFMU Record Fair is coming up, for those of you in the New York Metro area or planning to visit the New York area. The dates of the show are October 28, 29 and 30 at the usual location, The Metropolitan Pavilion on West 19th Street.  I’ve gone to this show for many years, sometimes as a dealer, and it’s definitely one of the better record shows anywhere, certainly the best in New York. You get jazz dealers from all over the country and they always bring some good stuff because they know there will be a lot of other dealers there, particularly some of the dealers from overseas. Last year I brought several original Blue Notes and Prestiges, doubles from my collection, and they were pretty much sold before the official opening of the show on Friday evening. If you’re going to go and if you’re really seeking the heavy duty records you should

get there when the doors officially open at 4 p.m. on Friday and, if you’re really smart, you should hook up with a dealer and get in even earlier to be there when the other dealers arrive. Even if you miss out on the most collectible – i.e., expensive – records, there is always a ton of good jazz vinyl at this show and it is often at reasonable prices, depending upon the dealer. I don’t think I will be getting a table this year – haven’t gotten one yet and I imagine it’s sold out – but I’m not all that prepared. Having moved twice this year, to the city and to The Berkshires, I have many records in storage and I haven’t sorted them out or labeled them yet. Perhaps next year when things settle. Besides, the weekend of the show is also the birthday weekend of the lovely Mrs. JC and there are other celebratory plans in the works.



  • Once again no trip to the Big Apple for me this year. For those who are going: have fun 😉

  • For all the people who’ll be there: Good luck and have fun.
    I was kind of lucky to get there last year and I won’t be able for many years.

  • I’m back from fall edition of Vinilmania here in Milano. I’ve seen a few nice records and among them McLean 4013, Blakey 4016, Gordon 4083, Hancock 4109, some Rollins including 1542 ( first cover but no Lex labels).Some rare italian Chet Baker, including triple folder Chet is back (2,100 € !!) and as usual some “originals” as Sonny Clark NO deep groove, Blue Notes pre 4017 with INC.
    I liked an Eric Dolphy on danish Debut but was on consignement so the price was untreatable (800 €) and have seen a rare Jihad by Leroy Jones.
    Vol.2 JJ Johnson BN 10″ for 550 €.
    I came home with BN 4032, Sonny Red Out of the blue.

  • dottorjazz,
    You’ve seen nice records in Vinilmania – Milano !
    Did you like the fair ? Were there many jazz originals ? Do you know if the February 11-12,2012 is as good ?

  • well, I like it if I can bring at least one good record home, as this time.
    This weekend a “new” seller from Vienna, Austria, had very nice records (Dolphy): he showed me some 10″ on Blue Note too. Prices according market, but when you hold one in your hands is better than on Ebay.
    I noticed that sellers dealing with jazz are always present: what I do not expect is to find a great record for cheap.
    If you and other readers decide to make a trip, please let me know so I can help in getting there ’cause it’s not in downtown but near the Linate airport.
    2012 dates are:
    feb 11-12
    may 12-13
    oct 13-14

  • Call me a fool,but I hope there is no connection between the increasingly popular vintage lp fairs in Italy and the equally increasing number of records that never make it to winning bidders in that country. “Poor postal service”,we’re told. Anyone?

  • as a seller I have never encountered delivery problems in Italy. All my parcels arrived at destination.

  • only once in the last 30 years a parcel from USA was lost: alas there were 2 Mingus 10″ I’ve never found again.happened in the 80’s.
    about Vinilmania, Milano record fair: it was founded in 1986 so it’s 25 years of continuous service, pre-internet era.
    sellers, about 300, come from UK, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, France, USA, Japan and Italy of course.
    Mostly rock, as anywhere in the world, but jazz is present and you can be sure to find nice and important records.
    no bargains, as on Ebay, but you can negotiate and trade and keep the record in your hands.
    I’ve seen customers (from Japan), bring small record players to listen to.
    I know there are others fairs in the Country but this one is the most important of all.
    You can be almost sure to go and get back with an addition to your collection (and less money in your pocket).

  • Guys,thanks 4 your feedback. I myself have never lost an lp mailed to Italy,although I did have a Steve Lacy “Disposability” that never arrived in Brussels. I was thinking of the (seemingly)large number of sellers who have a “I don’t ship to Italy” coda on their listing…

  • I just checked out the list of vendors(and the capsule summaries) on the website. It quickly got those ol’ collector juices flowing,reminding me how much fun it can be to flip through those crates,finding a rarity just ahead of the crowd behind you(nyaa,nyaa)! I think I’ll head down on Saturday. With Steve Kuhn in town w/ a trio(Billy Drummond),and the Reggie Workman tribute to Impulse Records at JALC,it’s a full,but very tasty, platter.

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