A Guide To Jazz Vinyl in Amsterdam

The other day we mentioned the idea of posting guides to record stores in various cities to help traveling jazz collectors all over the world. Our first response is from Maarten Kools with this guide to shopping for jazz vinyl in Amsterdam and nearby environs. Enjoy.

Hi Al,

These record shops are downtown Amsterdam. With collector’s items I mean LPs worth  $50 and up:

Concerto Amsterdam
Utrechtsestraat 52-60
Amsterdam,The Netherlands
Tel: +31-206235228

Large shop. Also CDs(large collection!) /DVDs/books: New LPs audiophile, japanese pressings, second-hand jazz/rock/punk/pop/classical. Good store, some collector’s items.

Weteringschans 33-A
1017 RV Amsterdam, The Netherlands
+31 20 6223904

Only secondhand and japanese/audiophile: Large store with rock/pop/jazz and collector’s items

Sint Antoniesbreestraat 64
1011 HB Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Only LPs. Almost everything is new: Box-sets, audiophile, Japanese second-hand pop/rock/sixties/jazz/punk/classical. Good jazz department. Lots of collector’s items, especially sixties

Waxwell Records
Gasthuismolensteeg 6
1016 AN Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Small shop only second-hand LPs. Pop/disco/soul/jazz. Lots of collector’s items in jazz and soul/disco

FLESCH Records
Noorderkerkstraat 16
1015 NB Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Beautiful small shop with beautiful second-hand LPs. Avant garde/european/jazz/classical. Jazz collector’s items and maybe the largest collection of rare collector’s items regarding classical music in Europe. Knows almost anything on record/label history (and also sells biological fruit from his own land and restored hi-fi gear from the 50’s and 60’s)

Ferdinand- Bolstraat 30
1072 LT Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Only second hand large store with rock/pop/jazz/latin/classical: Some collector’s items

Kruitlaan 21
9711 TW Groningen, The Netherlands
+31 50 3124020

This one is not in Amsterdam but in the city of Groningen (northern part of Holland) but they have a large collection of blues and jazz collector’s items. Specializes in old jazz and blues, also 78’s

De Zwarte Schijf (the black disc)
Hogestraat 13
4001 ET Tiel, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 344-635333

This one is also not in Amsterdam but in the centre of Holland. They have about  50,000 78-RPM discs, jazz and classical

Al, sorry for spelling mistakes or weird lay-out, but hopefully of some help for somebody traveling The Netherlands. Keep up the good work with your AMAZING site, Al!


Maarten Kools


  • I just went on a record shopping trip to Amsterdam two weeks ago. All in all, I found it an amazing town for records. Great selection, nice prices, friendly people and beautiful city. The places I visited were: Waterlooplein, where there are some stalls that sell vinyl. I bought Machito’s Kenya lp over there. Amstel Antiques had some nice jazz too. At record mania I bought an original Mayafra Combo lp (Italian jazz) for a nice price. Record palace was cool too, one crate filled with beautiful original jazz albums near the counter, some nice records in the basement. Waxwell is great too, they focus more on jazzfunk and souljazz, but I got some nice latin(jazz) records there. I didn’t buy anything at Second Life Music, but they had a crate with jazz 10″s behind the counter. Flesch records was great, a nice cosy shop with some beautiful jazz records, lp’s, ep’s and 10″s. Really recommended city to buy (jazz) records.

  • Great timing.I’m looking to visit Amsterdam in the fall(gotta get that passport in order)and this review by Maarten fills the bill-nice job! And the insights from Lander will be very helpful. Incidentally,the NYT did a nice piece on some of the jazz doings and highlighted a club that looks like the band is playing inside a subway tunnel corridor? And another spot (Union)looks like a stop for a late night drink. Although,I think any review of the Amsterdam scene has to at least mention a FEW “coffee shops”,don’t you?

  • …where I can sit and stare(and stare) at the beautiful cover art of my scores,of course!

  • …i think a ‘coffee-shop’ is never more than 200 yards away from any record-shop;-) remember: the smaler the coffeshop, the better… best and most relaxed: La Tartulia, Prinsengracht 312

    Amstel-Antiques records
    Amstel 110,
    1017 AD Amsterdam

    THE place for live (hard-bop) jazz: Bar De Egelantier
    Egelantiersgracht 50, Amsterdam .Every sat&sund afternoon.Led by Sean Bergin

    And The Bimhuis: Big stars and big names.
    Piet Heinkade 3
    020 7882150

  • Hi,

    I am going to sell extra rare jazz vinyl LP ”EBU-UER Public Jazz Concert” (Novi Sad, 17. jun 1988,exelent condition! – limited edition (300 copies).

  • Please could you assist in helping me find a buyer for a collection of jazz lp’s in the Netherlands. Are there collectors out there?

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