A Few Non-Blue Notes; A Flat Market?

Is it just me, or is there a softness in the market these days? To expedite my posting I ¬†sometimes do a search of jazz records for sale filtered through the highest prices first. There are often $1,000 records and many in the $500-plus category. Lately, however, the searches in that range have been coming up short. Are prices relatively flat at this point or is there just less good stuff on eBay now? These things go in cycles so I wouldn’t put any meaning into it either way. In the meantime, here are some of the rare jazz records that came up on my latest search.

Red Rodney, Signal 1206. This is an interesting one because of the condition. There’s a nice clear picture of the cover, which may give the impression that the cover is in nice condition. However if you look closely and read the description, the cover is in only G condition. And the vinyl is only VG. Despite the condition issues, however, the bidding is already more than $400. I guess this LP is in greater demand than I would have realized.

This is another one that’s getting up there in price, somewhat to my surprise: Booker Little, Time 52011. This is an original mono pressing with the deep grooves and gatefold cover. The record is in M- condition and the cover is VG+. The bidding has already topped $250 and the auction closes later today. Perhaps my previous comment about a soft market was premature.

Blue Mitchell, Blue’s Moods, Riverside 9336. This is an original stereo pressing with the black label. The record looks to be in VG++ condition and the cover is probably VG+ or slightly better. Bidding is in the $270 range and there are still more than two days to go.

Billy Bauer Plectrist, Norgran 1082. This is an original yellow label pressing. The record is listed in VG++ condition and the cover is VG. The start price is $150 and so far there are no bidder. I’ll be interested to see if this sells at that start price. There’s always been a kind of separate market for jazz guitar LPs — not just the jazz guys, but the guitar guys and especially the jazz guitar players. I wonder if there is still that interest in a guy like Billy Bauer and/or of there’s still strong interest in Norgran as a label. Something we’ll keep an eye on for the future as well.



  • I have the Red Rodney on Signal with a M- vinyl and a VG+ cover. It’s an extremely rare and extremely good album. It has to be one of the rarest collectible jazz albums out there…? You don’t see it very often in great condition.

  • Re: Booker Little-Booker with Scott Lafaro,Flanagan and “Roy”-pause-“Haynes”? What a group. And if you’re lucky you can still get the master drummer to sign it for you. It took me a long time to warm up to Booker’s personal sound when I first started out,but my ears are older(and wiser)now. An outstanding session…

  • I’ve also thought the market a little soft lately on anything but the usual big ticket items. I did learn (or have confirmed) last week that nobody wants Dave Brubeck records. I sold a bunch of really nice (VG++ to NM-) red vinyl Fantasy Brubecks and while I didn’t expect a windfall on them, I was really disappointed by the $7-$8 most of them fetched.

  • Japhy – interesting on the brubeck LPs. I listed some several months back and got higher than I thought ($30-70). On some of the other LPs it was low…I just wish I could fork out some cash for the “soft” market prices…Too bad the prices are STILL out of my range!

  • pastime253 – Well done! I really expected/hoped I’d get at least $15-20, but as all of us here know (especially those of us who sell), sometimes it’s just plain timing and luck of the draw. I typically start most auctions around $7 and hope bidding drives the price, but often I wonder if the sellers who list at the minimum price they will accept have the better idea. The fees are higher and you may drive off some bidders, but if it doesn’t sell you can always try it again.

  • Picked up that same Booker Little for $4 a few weeks ago. Had no idea it was that valuable. Better take care of it.

  • Japhy,re:selling-I think having a decnt mix of price ranges is helpful. When I can put out a list that has lps with opening bids of under $10,along with those that will bring 100+ dollrs-and start accordingly-my sales always benefit. You never know who’s watching any given week,but “something 4 any budget” is a good approach I find.

  • You can definitely get some deal right now, as a low end seller, in terms of price, I do have 700-1000 records listed at all time, the market as usual for the summer was slow, but in line for past few summers. however since Sept.1 sales are waaaayyy down, scarily so. I sure hope this isn’t a precursor to a bad Holiday season. I focus on bargain vinyl, jazz and rock, A few guys I know who own small store fronts here in the Southern Ohio Area, that mainly sell $50 dollar and above LP’s on eBay, have said that the summer was so bad, that if the Holiday stays this slow they are done.

  • I agree with that, as an occasionnal Ebay seller, sales are very slow, and prices are low. I used to sell some records to European collectors : they have completely fade away. Only the Japanese seems to still bid (at least on my items). This is no real surprise, i thinks it matches with the current world economic crisis.

  • It’s tough to be a seller in today’s market. I don’t expect it to turn around any time soon. I just got luck on the jazz lps. Some auctions I had up ended yesterday (random folk, psych, ssw stuff), and man, I wasn’t too happy with some of the prices….$75+ records were going for $30, $50 were selling for $10-20. oh well. I needed to move some out to make room for my jazz!!!

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