Jazz Vinyl Watching on Dolphy, Mingus, Evans, Candid

When I slipped off the face of the Jazz Collector earth last week there was a pending auction I was watching from the Jazz Record Center. So, just to complete my updating process, here are some of the jazz records from that auction:

Man, some of the Eric Dolphy records are going for big bucks. The latest example: Eric Dolphy in Europe Volume 1, Prestige 7304. This was an original pressing with the yellow label — near the end of the cycle for yellow-label Prestiges. The cover was in the original shrink wrap and both record and cover were in M- condition. this one sold for $565.55.

Bill Evans, Interplay, Riverside 9445. This was an original stereo pressing with the black labels. The record and cover were in M- condition. The price was $191.38.

Here were a couple of Candids: Charles Mingus, Mingus, Candid 8021. This was an original pressing with the deep grooves and it was in great condition, M- all the. It also had a promo stamp. Nice cover, right? Also features Eric Dolphy and Booker Ervin. You’d think it would be worth more than $115.50 but, alas, that was the sale price. Charles Mingus (et al), Newport Rebels, Candid 8022. This too was an original deep groove mono pressing in M- condition. It sold for $113.50.



  • I wouldn’t be surprised if the Eric Dolphy in Europe turned out to be an OJC. They don’t show the back cover, and that “original” shrink wrap looks to be in far too good of a condition considering it’s 51+ years old.

  • They do show the label and it’s clearly not an OJC.

  • I have this one and have never been sure if this first issue had deep groove or not.
    mine hasn’t, and the one just sold too.
    can any Prestige expert confirm this record has never been issued with deep groove?

  • dottore: mine hasn’t either. I checked my definite first pressing of 7307, which has the same label structure as the Dolphy: some sort of a small rim where one would expect the deep groove to be. I think this is the standard for the higher yellow/black Prestige.

  • Aaron: Whenever I see something labeled as sealed, red flags go up. More importantly, if it is sealed, then how can they show a photo of the label?

  • Jason, It wasn’t listed as sealed, just in shrink.

  • Jason,
    From a quick browse on eBay it looks like the OJC version has a different cover (half black & white, half pink vs. the red of the original). Take care.

  • Is it just my imagination? It seems like Dolphy titles were more along the lines of solid blue-chip LPs until the last few years. A decade ago, one could get clean NJ originals of something like Far Cry for under $100 in nice condition.

    Or, I’m totally misremembering and there’s nothing to see here…

  • jason…pay attention, man! 😉

  • Clifford, I remember them being those prices in the late 90’s, but many of these records were a good bit cheaper then too. I wish there was a record inflation index out there, so we could see which records have actually gone up in value vs which ones are just keeping pace. I don’t have much of a feel for prices before Ebay, but I’d love to see how much some of these records have appreciated over the years.
    I remember Out To Lunch was always the most expensive Dolphy. It’s also probably my least favorite, I’ve never purchased an original.

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