Watching The Next Tier: The Bidding Continues

As I’m going through some of the items I’ve been watching on eBay, I’m actually finding less evidence than I expected of this supposed shift into a two-tier market. There is still a lot of high-priced bidding among the non-Blue Note labels and artists. Perhaps it’s just by comparison that the gap is widening because some of the Blue Note/Prestige prices have been skyrocketing lately. We’ll keep watching, but as you guys see evidence of a real drop-off in prices of second-tier labels, please post them on the site as a comment. Here are some items we’ve been watching that may give you an alternate view versus my comments and others of the past couple of days:

Red Mitchell, Bethlehem 38. This was an original red label pressing, deep groove. It was in M- condition for both the record and the cover. It sold for $190.93.

Lee Konitz with Marne Marsh, Atlantic 1217. This was an original black-label mono pressing. It looks to be generously graded at VG++. It sold for $149.99.

Here’s one that would support the theory of a developing two-tier market:

Stan Levey Quintet, Mode 101. This was an original pressing. The record was VG and the cover was VG+. The price was just $15.55. I know this was not in mint condition, but $15 for this LP seems quite low.

Here’s another one that seems quite low: Max Bennett Plays, Bethlehem 50. This one is in VG+ condition for both the record and cover. It sold for $26.05. It features Charlie Mariano, Frank Rosolino and several other top West Coast jazzmen.

This one also seems effected by condition, so the price was actually probably fair: Kenny Clarke, Klook’s Clique, Savoy 12065. This was an original pressing. The record was VG+ and the cover was VG. The price was $77.55.


  • Blue Note bargains still to be found on ebay – usually because sellers don’t give pressing details. A case in point, a copy of Clifford Brown Memorial 1526 (Lex Ave, DG, no R) in VG+ condition (cover VG) ended today on the UK site for £1.89, that’s $3! I emailed asking for details, but didn’t get a response in time to bid.
    Incidentally, was this title a big seller on release, as I see a lot of copies at reasonable prices?

  • Just saw this post. I just picked up the Konitz/Marsh lp (VG+/VG+/black label too)at the local store for $25. Another example of patience paying off.

  • In response to Geraint: That is an amazing price. Perhaps we should all go to eBay in the UK. I don’t this was a particular big seller on release and, from what I understand, nobody really knows how many copies were originally issued on any of these records. It would be a great project to try to research, however.

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