A Fine Array From Blue Note and Prestige

We were watching a bunch of items from the Jazz Record Center auction that closed yesterday and here are some of the results, staring with Clifford Jordan and John Gilmore, Blowing in From Chicago, Blue Note 1549. This was an original pressing. It was probably in VG++ condition for the record. The JRC doesn’t use our normal grades, just a description. This one had a single mark that is audible seven times. I know that precludes it from M-. Does it preclude it from VG++? Otherwise, the record sounds immaculate. The cover was probably VG+ or VG++, depending upon how you feel about a “professionally repaired” spine and bottom seam. Also, the picture looks more VG+ to me than VG++. The final price was $1,247. My sense is that a different seller would have been less meticulous in his description and received a higher price. In any case, I still don’t own an original copy of this record for any of you out there who may be interested in a trade.

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Four Listings: Two That Are New To Us, One On Our Want List and One That Doesn’t Make a Lot of Sense

Cliff copyWe’ve got some interesting jazz vinyl in the Jazz Collector watch list on eBay, including a couple we’ve never seen before. Let’s start with one we’ve seen many times, but still don’t own: Cliff Jordan and John Gilmore, Blowing in From Chicago, Blue Note 1549. This is an interesting listing because the seller was able to post really clear pictures of the record and the label. It also raises an interesting question for the Blue Note diehards out there: One side of this record has the New York 23 address, the other just has West 63rd. Is it an original pressing. In my book it would be, but I didn’t write the book on Blue Notes. In any case, this one is listed in VG+ or VG++ condition for the vinyl and VG for the cover and the price is in the $225 range. The auction closes later today and the bidding has not yet reached the seller’s reserve.

Now for the two that are new to us:

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Today’s Jazz Vinyl: Burrell, Warhol, A Sealed Book

Let’s up date some of the Jazz Vinyl we’ve been watching on eBay this week, starting with: Kenny Burrell, Blue Note 1543. This was an original Lexington Avenue pressing — the last of the Lexingtons — and it has the Andy Warhol cover. Quite a find. The record was listed in M- condition and the cover, the original framed cover, was also in M- condition. It sold for $2,025 and I’m sure will be a welcome addition to the buyer’s collection.

One of our regular readers pointed this one out to me, thinking the price was inordinately highly, but I’m not sure I agree. For original Blue Notes in M- condition, there seems to be no limit these days: Horace Parlan, Up and Down, Blue Note 4082. This one sold for $665.55.

This one was still sealed, but was it the original seal? If so, how would you be able to tell?

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On Ebay Now: Blue Notes of Note

There’s some nice Blue Note jazz vinyl on eBay now, including:

Louis Smith, Here Comes Louis Smith, Blue Note 1584. This looks to be an original pressing with the vinyl in VG++ condition and the cover just VG-. The seller goes out of his way to provide some nice clear pictures of the cover, which we always appreciate. This one is only $58 with more than a day to go, but the seller has a reserve price and it has not yet been reached. I know many of you are not fans of auctions with reserve prices, which is something to consider when listing jazz vinyl.

Cliff Jordan, Blue Note 1565. This is also an original pressing and it looks to be in VG++ condition, at least, for both the vinyl and the cover. Actually, it’s probably closer to M- than VG++, based on the description. The current price is $315 and there’s more than a day to go with no reserve. I would

not be surprised to see this one sell for more than $1,000.

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Today on eBay, January 9, 2009

Things are slow again on eBay, although there are a few decent items coming up, and a few nice items that recently closed. Coming up: The seller gonerrecords has a few nice items closing in a few hours including Lou Donaldson, The Time is Right, Blue Note 4025. This one is in VG+ condition and is in the $170 price range. Also from this seller: Lou Donaldson, LD + 3, Blue Note 4012. This one is also in VG+ condition and is now in the $85 price range. If you click these items, also look at the vendor’s other items for more jazz vinyl collectibles. Not much else on the high-end later today, but you might want to keep an eye on this one: Lucy Ann Polk, Lucky Lucy Ann, Mode 115. This is currently at about $50. We’ve seen it go for as high as $103 in the Jazz Collector Price Guide.  Getting a jump on tomorrow, take a look at this one: Booker Little Four, United Artists 4034. This is an original pressing, and the price is still pretty low.

Among some of the nice items that just sold today are:

Bud Powell, Bud!, Blue Note 1571. This was an original pressing. The record was M-, the cover was VG++, the price was $271. Read more

Tommy Flanagan Overseas, On Prestige

Time to catch up on some of the items we’ve been watching on eBay the past few days. Tommy Flanagan Overseas, Prestige 7134, finally sold yesterday for $850. It was like an expensive suit that kept getting marked down. First it was on last week for a start price of $1,100, then this week was on for a Buy it Now price of $950. Last year, as we mentioned before, a nice copy of the same LP sold for $2,414. At $850, the Flanagan LP wasn’t even the highest priced item to sell so far this week. That honor, at least among the items we’ve been watching, goes to Read more

Autographs Redux

Since I wrote about collecting autographs recently, I’ve been keeping a watch on eBay for autographed LPs and other items. Generally, my theory holds that, with some notable exceptions, autographs don’t dramatically increase the worth of a collectible. Here’s a case in point: A few weeks ago an autographed copy of the Barry Galbraith LP Guitar in the Wind, Decca 9200, sold on eBay for $41 in VG condition, not much more than what a non-autographed copy might sell for.

 But, then again, there are the exceptions. How about this one: An original copy of the Clifford Brown and Max Roach LP Study in Brown, Emarcy 36037, autographed by Clifford. Read more

Lots and Lots on eBay

Back from another weekend away, so it’s time to see what happened on eBay the past few days. We were watching auctions from a group of dealers that had some amazing records. Here are some of the dealers and their wares. You can do a general eBay search on completed items for any of these dealers to see more.


Here are items sold by the dealer Jazz5060. This dealer also has a bunch of great records for auction now.


Charlie Persip, Jazz Statesman, Bethlehem 6046, in M-/M- condition. Price: $157.50

 Walter Benton Quintet, Out of this World, Jazzland 28, in M-/M- condition. Price: $449

 Zoot Sims, Stretchin’ Out, United Artists 4023. This was a promo copy in M-/VG++ condition. Price: $460

 Freddie Hubbard, Goin’ Up, Blue Note 4056, in M-/VG++ condition. Price: $349.95

 The Return of Howard McGhee, Bethlehem 42 in M-/M- condition. Price: $676 Read more