A Couple More $1,000 Records

We have two more records to add to the growing list of Jazz LPs selling for more than $1,000. The first is Eric Dolphy in Europe, Debut 136. This is the original pressing from Denmark. It was in M- condition, from a very reputable seller, and fetched a price is $1,225. Also breaking the $1,000 barrier was a copy of John Coltrane, Blue Train, Blue Note 1577. This was an original pressing, also in near mint condition, also from a reputable seller — Euclid Records — and it also sold for $1,225. We’ve been tracking Blue Train in the Jazz Collector Price Guide ever since we started the guide in 2004. This is the first time we’ve seen this record cross the $1,000 threshold. Part of it has to do with the reputation of the seller, a topic we plan to address in a post later today or tomorrow.

Today on eBay, January 30, 2009

Here are some of the records we at Jazz Collector are watching today:Lucky Thompson, Lucky Strikes, Transition 21. This is an original pressing, with the booklet. The record is listed as M-, the cover as VG and the booklet as M-. The current price is about $160. Art Blakey, A Night At Birdland Volume 2, Blue Note 5038. This is an original 10-inch LP. The record is M- and the cover is VG. The current price is about $150.

This seller, Sweedeedee, has a bunch of nice items closing in the next 24 hours. Here are a few: Gene Ammons, Jammin’ With Gene, Prestige 7060. This is an original New York pressing. Both the record and cover are listed in M- condition. It is currently priced at a bit over $100. Here’s a black-label copy of John Coltrane, Giant Steps, Atlantic 1311. The record is listed as VG++ and the cover as M-. The current price is about $210. And here’s one, frankly, we’ve never seen before: Eric Dolphy in Europe,  Debut 136. This is the original Danish pressing. The record and cover look to be in M- condition. The current price is $360, but we’d expect this to go for quite a bit more. 

We posted a little late today, so we missed a few items, which we’ll be plugging into the Jazz Collector Price Guide later this weekend. Among them are: 

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Remembering Freddie Hubbard

I’m sure many of you saw the news that Freddie Hubbard passed away yesterday at age 70. Hubbard, of course, was a seminal figure in the post-bop era. We write about his records often in the posts at Jazz Collector, particularly since his LP Open Sesame, Blue Note 4040, is one of the top collectibles, often selling for more than $1,000. He also played on Tina Brooks, True Blue, Blue Note 4041, another of the rarest of jazz collectibles. Our own memories of Hubbard stretch back to the great Oliver Nelson LP, The Blues and the Abstract Truth, Impulse 5, where he played in a great setting with Bill Evans, Paul Chambers, Eric Dolphy and others. I always remember Nelson stating that Hubbard sounded like John Coltrane playing the trumpet, and that always stuck with me. Hubbard was never quite as inventive as Trane or as experimental, but he certainly had a style and sound that was immediately recognizable. Other favorite early recordings are Eric Dolphy Outward Bound, New Jazz 8236, and Art Blakey, Buhaina’s Delight, Blue Note 4104. I saw Hubbard many times at the Village Vanguard in the early 1970s, and he was always a passionate, charismatic performer. What are some of your memories, and favorite Hubbard recordings? Please feel free to comment on this post.

Today on eBay, Nov. 20, 2008

Here are some interesting items closing today on eBay: Most of you have probably noticed this one, since it’s a featured listing: Curtis Fuller Volume 3, Blue Note 1583. This is an original pressing. It seems to be in VG+ condition, both record and cover. This one has Sonny Clark on piano and is a pretty nice collectible. The current price is $340. 

If you’re desperate for a copy of Eddie Costa, House of Blue Lights, Dot 3206, there’s one closing soon on eBay for a Buy-It-Now price of $420. The record is M- and the cover is VG+. 

Euclid Records is back again with some nice items, including this one: Sonny Rollins with the Modern Jazz Quartet, Prestige 7020. This is an original New York pressing with the original orange cover. Careful readers will note that Jazz Collector recently posed the question to our audience on the orange cover versus the yellow cover and one of our readers reminded us that if it’s orange it must be original. This one is in near mint condition and is currently priced at $629. 

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Today on eBay, Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2008

Finally, as promised, here are some of the nice jazz vinyl collectibles for sale on eBay today:

Barry Harris, Live at the Jazz Workshop, Riverside 326. This is an original pressing in nice condition. The current price is more than $190 and, frankly, I didn’t realize this record was in that price range. We’ll keep an eye on this as well as other copies when the come onto the market.

There are a few nice Jackie McLean records on sale today, including: Jackie McLean, Bluesnik, Blue Note 4067. This is an original pressing in nice condition, currently in the $140 price range. And this from Jackie:

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Catching Up on eBay, One More Time

Here’s an update on some of the items we’ve been watching lately on eBay:

Kenny Dorham and Jackie McLean, Inta Somethin’, Pacific Jazz 41. This was an original pressing in M-/VG++ condition. We had targeted this is a potential bargain. It sold for $71. What do you think? Definitely a very nice record.

I have a feeling this one also may have been a bargain: Eric Dolphy, Out There, Prestige New Jazz 8252. This was an original purple label pressing in M- condition. Price. $103.51

Charles Mingus at the Bohemia, Debut 123. This was an original pressing in M-/VG+ condition. We expected it to go for a high price and it did, also beating the dealer’s reserve. Price: $460 Read more

Dolphy, $800 and Counting

I was watching this record on eBay — Eric Dolphy, At The Five Spot, Volume 1, New Jazz 8260. Wasn’t necessarily planning to bid on it, although at $80 with 24 hours left it seemed like it might be attractive. I was surprised to look this morning and see that the record is up over $800. That’s the highest price I’ve seen for this record. It’s interesting to note whether we’re seeing that with other records as well — new highs — or whether this is just because the record is in great condition and it’s from a very reputable seller. Something to keep an eye on.

Advice to Sellers on Ebay

Jazz Collector Newsletter, July 2005

Welcome to Jazz Collector. We’ve been very good about updating the web site every day, so if you haven’t been visiting, please take a look: There’s been some interesting discussion and we’ve been watching some nice items on eBay. Speaking of eBay, as we often do, we start this newsletter with advice to sellers, which we hope will generate some reader response. We also have our usual assortment of upcoming items, some new LPs in our Price Guides and an all-time favorite music clip.

I was recently talking to a subscriber who is interested in selling his collection on eBay as a retirement business. Here’s the main advice I gave him:

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Today’s Rarity: Eric Dolphy on the FM Label

I’m always looking for information on records I see on eBay that I haven’t seen before, either online or in real life. I’ve been collecting jazz records for more than 35 years and have spent thousands of hours poring through record stores all over the U.S. and in parts of Europe, yet I still come across items that are new to me. Here’s one from eBay the other day: Eric Dolphy, Conversations, FM 308. This was a sealed Stereo pressing sold by Atomic Records for $317.90. It had five separate bidders and was sold to ondemand12, one of the big eBay jazz buyers. Read more

Kind of Blue, The Collectible

It’s been a few days, so we’ll spend today catching you up on some of the interesting action we’ve been watching on eBay. Here goes:

Miles Davis, Kind of Blue, Columbia 1355, represents one of the defining jazz albums and now it is taking its place as a collectible of value as well. We’ve seen copies in nice condition begin selling in the $100 range earlier this year and now we have this copy breaking the $200 price barrier. It sold for $203.37.

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