Jazz Vinyl Listings That Raise Questions

jaspar maybe copyHere’s one I’ve never seen before: Bobby Jaspar All Stars Band, Modern Jazz at Club Saint Germain, Barclay 84023. This looks to be an original French pressing that was apparently owned by Bobby Jaspar who, unfortunately seemed not to take such great care of it. The cover looks pretty beat up, I’d say VG-, but the seller lists the cover as VG+ and also lists the record as VG+, so you’d have to be a little skeptical, I guess. The start price is $300 and so far there are no bidders. I imagine the record is quite rare, in that I’ve never seen in in 40-plus years of scouring record shelves all over the U.S. and other parts of the world.

Someone please explain this one to me: Clifford Brown Memorial Album, Blue Note 1526. This is a New York USA pressing, with a West 61st Street address on the cover. In other words, nothing about this record is close to an original first pressing and, at best, the vinyl was issued, when, in the early 1960s? Not to mention the vinyl is in VG condition. The cover is VG+. Somehow, there have been four bids on this record and the price is close to $200. Explanations please?

Our friends at Euclid Records seem to have made a nice discovery/score:

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Jazz Vinyl: Two for the $1,000 Bin, Plus A Couple More

Been away from my posting for a few days. Trying to get back into the swing of things, but there were a couple of days of hurricane delays, plus the lovely Mrs. JC is on vacation. Anyway, I vow once again to be posting more regularly, starting today with some jazz vinyl we’ve been watching on eBay.

Sonny Rollins, Saxophone Colossus, Prestige 7079. This was an original New York pressing. The record was described as M- condition and the cover looked to be at least VG++, perhaps M- depending upon your grading system. This one sold for $1,536. We’ve seen this one sell for more than $2,000 several times in the Jazz Collector Price Guide, and once approach $3,000. So perhaps this is a bargain, or perhaps it’s just where the market was on this particular day. The item did have more than 400 page views, which is a significant amount.

Here’s a Riverside that did quite well for the seller, which was Euclid Records: Wynton Kelly Piano. Riverside 254. This was an original Blue label pressing with the deep grooves. It was in M- condition for both the record and the cover. The price was $710. Nice cover on this record, right? Straight from the ’50s.

So this next one made the $1,000 bin after all:

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Jazz Vinyl Update: Blue Notes, The $1,000 Bin (& More)

Okay, back in the saddle. Let’s look at some of the interesting jazz vinyl we’ve missed on eBay, starting with the $1,000 bin and a few others that came close:

This one has been mentioned several times in the comments, so here it is with picture for the record: Hank Mobley, Blue Note 1568. This was in VG+ condition for the vinyl and VG++ for the cover and it was sold by Euclid Records. The price was $1,944. This one also came from Euclid Records: Lawrence Marable, Tenorman, Jazz West 8. This was an original pressing. The record was M- and the cover was VG+. The price was $1,711.11.

Lee Morgan Volume 3, Blue Note 1557. This was an original pressing. The record looked to be VG++ and the cover looked to be somewhere between VG and VG+. The price was $1,075.

These next few seemed to reach new heights while we were absent:

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Tracking Prices For Later Blue Note Pressings

People have been asking about prices and values of later-pressing Blue Notes, so I’ve been watching a few just to keep tabs on the market. There was a seller last week that was selling a bunch of United Artists pressings, including: The Magnificent Thad Jones, Volume 3, Blue Note 1546. This one was in VG+ condition for both the record and the vinyl. The start price was $40 and there were no bids. So that price was definitely too high. However, if you look at his other completed listings, there were a bunch more United Artists pressings in better condition and they sold in the range of $15 to $25 each, for the most part. There was a Hank Mobley Quintet, Blue Note 1550, that sold for $25.49 and a Lee Morgan Indeed, Blue Note 1538, that sold for $15. There were others as well, including a couple of blue-and-white label Liberty pressings that sold for between $30 and $40. I also watched this blue

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A Veritable Cornucopia of 10-Inch Jazz Vinyl

As is our usual custom, we were perusing the jazz vinyl listings on eBay this evening and we happened to notice an unusually large number of interesting 10-inch LPs for sale, some of which we shall share with you henceforth, including:

Kenny Dorham, Afro-Cuban, Blue Note 5065. A beauty, no? This one is in M- condition for the record and what looks to be VG+ for the cover. The current price is around $225 and there are three days to go.

Here’s the next one up in the 10-inch Blue Note catalogue: Hank Mobley Quartet, Blue Note 5066. This is an original pressing, of course,and the vinyl looks to be M- and the cover somewhat close to M-. The current price is $338 and there are also three days to go.

Another 10-inch Blue Note? Why not. Here’s The Amazing Bud Powell, Blue Note 5003. This is an original pressing in M- condition for both the record and the cover. It is being offered by Euclid Records and is currently at about $115.

Here’s the one on the list that will probably sell for the highest price:

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Jazz Vinyl on eBay: Lee, Jutta, Dex, Rouse

It is the Memorial Day weekend here in the States and I am off to the city of Providence this morning for my son’s graduation from grad school at Brown University. Perhaps I will sneak in a chance to visit Steve at Round Again Records, where there are always a few gems stashed away on the shelves. In the meantime, I have taken a few moments to peruse eBay and find some interesting items for us all to watch this weekend.

If you’ve been watching eBay the past few days, you’ve probably seen the extremely nice group of records by the seller roverd-90, including: Lee Morgan, Candy, Blue Note 1590. This is an original pressing and it looks to be in quite pristine, near mint condition. The current price is nearly $800 and we would expect this to sell for more than $2,000 and perhaps even more than $3,000. From the same seller is this:

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Catching Up: Sahib, Serge, Newk, Woods

This one almost made the $2,000 bin: Sahib Shihab and the Danish Radio Jazz Group, Oktav 111. This was an original Danish pressing. What was most amazing about this listing was the number of views it received — more than 1,600. It was listed so that it came up on the first page when you would do a search of jazz vinyl, but still, 1,600 views is quite a lot for any record. Also, I have to plead my ignorance about this LP: I’ve never seen it before and know nothing about it, so if anyone has insight to share, please feel free to do so. The record seemed to be in VG++ condition, close to M-, and the cover was also about VG++, based on the description. The price was $1,952.60.

This one seemed to get top dollar: Serge Chaloff, Blue Serge, Capitol 742. It was an original pressing in M- condition for both the record and the cover and it was sold by Euclid Records. The price was $364.88. Finding these records in such

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Watching eBay: Jackie, Farmer & Moody

Here are some items worth watching on eBay:

Jackie McLean, The New Tradition, Ad Lib 6601. This is the original, quite rare. The seller lists it in VG+ condition for both the record and the cover. The price is a little over $200 but there are a few more days to go before it closes.

This one is already more than $100 with several days to go. Perhaps it will set a new high for this LP: Art Farmer Quintet, Prestige 7017. This one appears to be in M- condition, although the seller does make it complicated in his listing. We’ve watched this record several times in the Jazz Collector Price Guide and the previous high price was $204. We’ll see if that changes.

My experience with James Moody LPs is that they sometimes don’t get the prices of other original Blue Notes and Prestiges by other artists. Anyway, this one may buck that trend:

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On eBay: Blue Note, Transition & Hyperbole

Was watching this later pressing to see if it would sell: John Jenkins with Kenny Burrell, Blue Note 1573. This was a United Artists pressing. The vinyl was in M- condition, but the cover had a corner clip. The starting price was $44.44 and there were no bidders. Not sure where the market is for these United Artists pressings. I do have a bunch of them and I’m planning to hold onto them. They sound fine, not like the original pressings, but not like the reprocessed stereo editions either.

Here’s an interesting one from our “friend” Bobdjukic: Don Byas, Tenor Sax Solos, Atlantic 11233. This is a 10-inch LP with an interesting cover. The listing notes that it is an uncredited David Stone Martin illustration and, I have to admit, it looks like one for sure. But when this seller says something is “absolutely certain” I tend to wonder. In this case, I think he’s accurate, but it would nice to get confirmation from one of the experts out there as well. The rest of the hyperbole in the listing is a true work of art. Here is some of the language: “One of the rarest jazz albums in existence,” plus “We are reasonably certain that less than four copies

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Some Top Prices: Getz, Jackie, et al

Hmm, prices seem on the rise again. Here are some records we’ve been watching this week:

Sonny Clark, Dial S For Sonny, Blue Note 1570. This was the one listed as Sonny Clarke. The record and cover were in VG++ condition and it seemed to be an original pressing. The price was $1,413.

There was also this: Stan Getz Plays, Norgran  1042. This was in M- condition for the vinyl and VG++ for the cover. The seller was Euclid Records. The price was $432. We thought this might be the highest price we’ve ever recorded in the Jazz Collector Price Guide for any Getz record, but, surprise, a copy of this same record in M- condition once sold for more than $700. Still, $432 is a pretty high price for this record. Do you think that our coverage here at Jazz Collector, and the clip we played, had anything to do with the bidding?

This is the highest price we’ve ever recorded for this LP: Jackie McLean, Jackie’s Bag, Blue Note 4051. This one was in M- condition and sold for $702.

This one would have made the $1,000 bin, but it didn’t meet the seller’s reserve price:

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