Keeping Track of Some High-End Blue Notes


Another Warhol Cover

Another Warhol Cover

As we’re updating the Price Guide, we’ve been inputting some very nice Blue Note LPs from the past few weeks, so here are a few highlights to whet your appetite. When you do look at the Price Guide and want to see the most recent items, click the Timestamp button on the far right and have it sort the items by those most recently entered. Remember, you can sort by artist (last name, first name), label, condition, price and time posted. Anyway, here are some of the Blue Notes going into the Price Guide this weekend:  We’ve been writing a bit lately on Andy Warhol covers. Here’s one that’s familiar to most collectors: Johnny Griffin, The Congregation, Blue Note 1580. This was an original pressing in very nice condition. Price: $1,225 Read more

Catching up on Some Nice Collectibles

Here’s a long list of records we’ve been watching:

Hank Mobley, Mobley’s Message, Prestige 7061. This was an original pressing in VG+/VG+ condition. Price: $679.58. That’s a pretty steep price for a VG+ record.

Speaking of steep prices for records in VG+ condition: Sonny Rollins, Saxophone Colossus, Prestige 7079. This was an original New York pressing in VG+/VG+ condition. Price: $1,475

And yet another in VG+ condition: Jackie McLean, Swing, Swang, Swingin’, Blue Note 4024. This was an original West 63rd Street pressing. The record was VG+ and the cover was VG+. The price was $749.99 Read more

Some New Items For the Price Guide

Sorry I haven’t posted since yesterday morning. I’ll do a couple tonight to catch up. Meanwhile, I’ve been updating the Price Guide with some new entries. Here are some of the items I’m putting in, no links, just the items and their prices. Keep an eye on the site for a view of upcoming eBay items as well as a review of what happened over the weekend.

Dave Bailey, Reaching Out, Jazztime 003. This was an original pressing in VG+/VG+ condition. Price: $348

Bill Evans, Sunday at the Village Vanguard, Riverside 9376. This was an original stereo pressing with the black label in M-/VG++ condition. Price: $296 Read more

This Weekend on eBay, Part 2

We promised to show you a few more interesting items on sale this weekend on eBay, so here we go. We’ll also follow-up on all of these items during the week to see what happened with them. And, we’ll also include them on our Price Guide, which now includes more than 3,500 entries. 

The seller bluenotesound, which I’m pretty sure is affiliated with Mosaic Records, has several interesting Mosaics on sale, including: Andrew Hill, the Complete Andrew Hill Blue Note Sessions 1963-1966, Mosaic MQ10-161. This is number 0006 of a limited edition of 5,000. This seller has several other nice Mosaics, so be sure to look at his other items. Read more

eBay Today, Sept. 30

It’s another VERY slow day for high-end jazz collectibles on eBay. Is there something going on that we’re not aware of? Anyway, here are some interesting items of note that are closing today:

Joe Newman, I’m Still Swinging, RCA 1198. This is the one with the Andy Warhol cover. As we noted in an earlier post, this sold recently on eBay for $200. This one’s current price is $16.50.

Art Taylor, Taylor’s Tenors, Prestige New Jazz 8219. This is an original pressing with the purple label and it seems to be in nice condition. Offered by Atomic Records, which is one of the larger jazz dealers on eBay.

Zoot Sims, Zoot!, Riverside 228. This is an original pressing with the white label in nice condition. Current price is only around $30. That’s pretty low. It’ll be interesting to see how high it goes up.

Hank Mobley, The Turnaround, Blue Note 4186. This is an original pressing with the New York USA label.

Oh, and we almost forgot our own listings: 

The Complete Lee Morgan Fifties Blue Note Sessions, Mosaic MQ6-162.

Miles Davis, The Complete Plugged Nickel Sessions, Mosaic MQ10-158.

Upcoming on eBay, Sept. 29

I haven’t posted since Friday, so I took a look ahead to see what’s interesting on eBay today, just to catch up while I work on other aspects of the site. It’s actually a fairly slow day for high-end collectibles, but there are a few, mostly Blue Notes. Here are some to check out:

Hank Mobley and His All Stars, Blue Note 1544. This is a nice copy with the West 63rd Street address, which I assume is an original pressing. I have a copy of Sonny Rollins Volume 1, Blue Note 1542, with the Lexington Avenue address, and that’s the highest number I’ve seen for Lexington Avenue. Perhaps one of the Blue Note experts out there can weigh in on this. Anyway, this Mobley LP is being offered by Euclid Records, a reputable dealer and, as of this posting, is still reasonably priced at about $120.

Read more

A Few More Items for The Weekend

I promised to point out a few more records and sellers on eBay this weekend, so here goes:

Dexter Gordon, Daddy Plays the Horn, Bethelehem 36. The condition of the vinyl is nice, but the cover is just VG, according to the dealer. Price is pretty low at this point. 

John Coltrane, Blue Train, Blue Note 1577.  This is an original pressing in pretty nice shape. Price is already approaching $400. 

This seller has nice nice 10-inch LPs, including this one: Max Roach Quartet Featuring Hank Mobley, Debut 3. 

Finally, we’re back selling records on eBay as AJDoctor. Here’s one of the items we put up this weekend: John Coltrane, Wheelin’ and Dealin’, Prestige 7131. 

Interesting Stuff on eBay

Just as an update: I’m not posting regularly for the site yet. I’m a couple of weeks away from resuming selling on eBay and then doing regular posts. For those of you who have found — or re-found — the site, please continue to be patient. Once I’m fully up and running, I’ll be posting every day about interesting jazz collectibles, and I’ll also be selling records here off the site. I’m also hoping to resume my price guides, and get the old ones posted from 2004 and 2005.In the meantime, here are a few interesting items I’ve been watching: Hank Mobley, Blue Note 1568. This one has a $5,500 Buy-It-Now price, which is the highest we’ve ever seen.  Read more

High Prices Rule on eBay

Here are the results of the auctions we were watching yesterday.

Curtis Fuller, The Opener, Blue Note 1567. This was an original pressing in VG condition. The price was $190.50, probably a drop lower than I expected. I’ve seen this record sell for $600-plus in near mint condition. Curtis Fuller, New Trombone, Presige 7107. This sold for the same price as the other Fuller: $190.50. However, this one was in worse condition, just VG-. Read more

Tommy Flanagan Overseas, On Prestige

Time to catch up on some of the items we’ve been watching on eBay the past few days. Tommy Flanagan Overseas, Prestige 7134, finally sold yesterday for $850. It was like an expensive suit that kept getting marked down. First it was on last week for a start price of $1,100, then this week was on for a Buy it Now price of $950. Last year, as we mentioned before, a nice copy of the same LP sold for $2,414. At $850, the Flanagan LP wasn’t even the highest priced item to sell so far this week. That honor, at least among the items we’ve been watching, goes to Read more

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