Heavy Hitters, Day Two

Let’s get right to it: The Hank Mobley Blue Note 1568 from the Jazz Record Center sold for $7,600. Is that a record for a jazz vinyl record? I think it is. There was an earlier copy of Blue Note 1568 that sold for $11,000, but we later ascertained that was a bogus bid and the sale didn’t actually go through as described. Unless I get better information from someone in the Jazz Collector universe, I’ll assume this is now our apex. Not a surprise, although I had the record pegged more in the $6,000 range. I actually placed a rare bid on the auction, not for the Mobley record, since I knew that would be WAY out of my price range, and it was. No, after seeing Joe L’s comment on the previous post I became somewhat enamored with the idea of owning that test pressing of Horace Silver, Finger Poppin’, Blue Note 4008. Test pressings have never been my thing, but

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And Another Rare Jazz Vinyl Quartet

tadd-dameronAnyway. Here are some of the rare jazz records we are watching on eBay, starting with Tadd Dameron, Fontainebleau, Prestige 7037. This is an original yellow label pressing with the New York address. The record is listed in M- condition for the vinyl and Ex for the cover, with a promo stamp and some damage on the back. The bidding is in the $225 range with more than four days left. Although this is a nice record from the early Prestige 12-inch catalogue, it’s never been one that has been overly attractive to collectors, although it looks pretty good to me. Here’s another Prestige from the same seller that most collectors will find to be quite a bit more enticing: Hank Mobley, Mobley’s Message, Prestige  7061. This is also an original New York yellow label. The record is in M- condition and the cover is listed as M-, although I may slightly quibble and push it down to VG++ based on the picture. The price is in the $560 range, also with four days left on the auction.

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A Matter of Prestige?

bennie-green-jazz-vinylAre we finally starting to see the Prestige records follow the same path as the Blue Notes? I’ve been quite surprised at the price of several Prestiges recently, including the Sonny Stitt record I mentioned last week and this one that sold yesterday on eBay: Bennie Green With Art Farmer, Prestige 7041. This was an original New York yellow label pressing. The record was listed in M- condition and the cover was excellent. Great pictures from the seller are always helpful in achieving high prices. Still, I wouldn’t have pegged this record to sell for $860, which was the final price. Careful readers may recall that I purchased an original copy of this record for 25 cents. It was sitting in the bargain bin at Mr. Cheapo’s record store in Mineola on Long Island. I typically never looked in the 25-cent bin because it was always junk. But this day I was looking to kill time and not go back to work and, voila, there was Bennie Green With Art Farmer. Now the condition was just VG for the record and VG for the cover. But it was literally a quarter, the same as the parking meter outside the store. Still have it. The record, not the quarter.  Read more

Nothing Aberrant in These Prices

duke-jordan-jazz-vinylI’d like to get back to some of the records we were watching, starting with Duke Jordan, Flight to Jordan, Blue Note 4046. This was an original West 63rd Street pressing that was in VG+ or better condition for the record, and probably around VG++ for the cover. When we looked at it the bidding was in the $300 range and we were surprised it was that low, expecting it to eventually end up at or near the $1,000 bin. It did, selling for $960. So what may have seemed like an aberration, was just a product of later bidding, which has been de rigueur on eBay for many years, so no surprises. Same with this one: Doug Watkins at Large, Transition 20. This was an original pressing with the booklet. The record, cover and booklet were all in about VG+ condition. The bidding came in late, but about as expected, with the record selling for $809.

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Trane, Pepper, Hank and Ike: Another Day on eBay

A Love Supreme Jazz VinylThese are some of the rare jazz records we are watching on eBay now, starting with John Coltrane, A Love Supreme, Impulse A-77. This is an original orange label pressing listed as “close to NM” for the record and probably VG+ or VG++ for the cover. The bidding is in the range of $325 and closes in more than two days. Following our popular Blue Note tracks list last week, we may follow up with other labels. Perhaps this whole album will appear on the Impulse list. The same seller has some other nice items as well, including Ike Quebec, Soul Samba, Blue Note 4114. This is an original New York USA pressing that looks to be in M- condition for both the record and the cover. The bidding is already over $400 with more than two days left on the auction. I’m somewhat surprised that the market for Ike Quebec Blue Notes has spiked so much over the past few years, but, then again, nothing in the world of Blue Note should surprise any of us anymore.

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New Jazz, Prestige, Blue Note: Covering Some Bases

RoyLet’s take a break from label picking today and go back to watching some rare jazz vinyl on eBay.

Speaking of New Jazz, this one sold recently in eBay: Roy Haynes, Phineas Newborn and Paul Chambers, We Three, New Jazz 8210. This looked to be an original purple label pressing with the deep grooves. It was listed in VG condition for the record and VG+ for the cover. The seller was very stingy with information and there was only one bid, which always makes me suspicious. The price was $299.99.

Maybe I should have bid. I was watching that copy of Jackie McLean, Jackie’s Pal, Prestige 7068. This one was in VG++ condition for both the record and the cover and looked quite nice. I figured it would sell for more thna $1,000. It didn’t. It sold for $535. Worth it? Just look at the cover.

I also had my eye on this one but, considering the condition, the price was too high:

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Somebody Really Likes Ike

Sorry we haven’t posted in a few days. Been busy reorganizing my records. Again. Here are some items we missed on eBay:

So when did Ike Quebec become an artist whose records would approach the $1,000 bin? How about this one: Ike Quebec, It Might As Well Be Spring, Blue Note 4105. This was an original New York USA pressing that was listed in M- condition for both the record and the cover. It sold for, get ready, $887.

This one broke into the $1,000 bin, but not as a surprise: Helen Merrill, Emarcy 36006. This was an original pressing, with Clifford Brown on trumpet and the blue writing on the back label. Despite some mentions of surface noise, the seller listed the record as M- for both the record and the cover. I suppose a record can have a couple of pops or a drop of surface noise and still be M-, right? I mean, few of these records from the ’50s are absolutely perfect. Anyway, this one sold for $1,035. Then again, for $1,035 maybe there’s shouldn’t be any pops or clicks when you listen.

This one had five or six clicks on a feelable scratch and the cover had a cut-out hole, which I kind of hate and rarely have ever seen on original Blue Notes: Hank Mobley Quintet, Blue Note 1550. This one was rated in VG+ or VG++ condition (based on the description, VG+ sounds more accurate) and VG+ for the cover. It sold for $643.80. All things considered, I think that’s a pretty hefty price.


Watching Blue Notes, 12-Inch and 10-Inch

As always, we have our eyes on some rare jazz vinyl on eBay, such as:

Horace Silver, The Tokyo Blues, Blue Note 84110. This looks to be an original stereo pressing with the New York USA labels and the Van Gelder stamp in the deadwax. The record and cover are rated as M- condition and the price is up around $120 with another day to go. Seems like some of the Blue Note stereos are starting to command higher prices than they did even a couple of years ago, no?

Here’s another Blue Note from the same time frame: Ike Quebec, It Might As Well Be Spring, Blue Note 4105. This is an original mono pressing and it is also in M- condition for both the record and the cover. This one is in the $135 range now but still has four days to go.

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Catching Up on Some 10-Inch Jazz Vinyl

Can’t sleep so I’m up early updating the Jazz Collector Price Guide. Here are some 10-inch records that will be going in:

Miles Davis All Stars Volume 2, Prestige 200. This looks to be an original pressing with the yellow label, probably one of the first Prestiges to have the famous yellow label. The record was listed in VG++ condition and the cover was VG+. The price was $204.50.

I think this was the first LP issued by Blue Note: Mellow The Mood, Blue Note 5001. It features Ike Quebec, Benny Morton, Buck Clayton and others. The record was VG and the cover was VG++. You’d think it would fetch a high price just for the historic value. But, alas, this copy did not: It sold for $28.

I’ve never seen this one and it has quite a cool cover: Bill Jennings/Leo Parker Quintet, Billy in the Lion’s Den, King 527. This was listed in VG condition for both the record and the cover. It sold for $81.

Hard to find this one in M- condition, but here was a copy: Gerry Mulligan Quartet, With Chet Baker, Pacific Jazz 5. It sold for $115.52.

And now for some 10-inch Blue Notes:

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Ringing in the New Year With Blue Note (Of Course)

Here are a few more recent Blue Note auctions of interest:

Horace Silver, Blowing the Blues Away, Blue Note 4017. This was an original pressing with the ear, deep grooves, et al. It was in M- condition for both the record and the cover and it sold for $165.50. This is a more common pressing than some of the other Blue Notes and has traditionally, not gotten a top price. Earlier this week we saw another copy sell for more than $200. I think what we’re seeing is that the overall market for Blue Notes is just rising, so even though this one is now $100 or $200 or more, it is still not as costly to purchase as other Blue Notes of the same period and ilk. It’s also a fantastic record, isn’t it? This was a record I heard all the time growing up: My father was a huge Horace Silver fan and Sister Sadie was a particular favorite.

Ike Quebec, It Might as Well be Spring, Blue Note 4105. This was an original New York USA pressing with the ear, Van Gelder stamp, etc. It was in M- condition for the record and the cover. It sold for $305.

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