West Coasting It in The Big Apple

Well, I never made it to the 43rd Annual Jazz Record Collector’s Bash yesterday. I hope those that did make it had a good time and perhaps found some jazz vinyl or shellac gems. Instead, I wound up reorganizing the records in my New York apartment. Don’t ask. There  was no need to reorganize, I just enjoy doing it. It gives me a chance to re-explore what I have and discover records I either forgot I owned or purchased or, for some reason, never got around to putting on the turntable. Yesterday, the record that wound up going on the turntable for the first time was Richie Kamuca Quartet on Mode, Mode LP 102. No idea why I chose this because Kamuca is not someone I’ve really listened closely to very often. Turns out to be an excellent record, with Carl Perkins on piano, Leroy Vinnegar on bass and Stan Level on drums, recorded in June 1957 in Hollywood.

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Listings and Musings on Rare Jazz Vinyl

We’ll start with a rare Blue-Note-free day here at Jazz Collector: Jack Sheldon, The Quartet and the Quintet, Jazz-West 6. This is an original pressing listed in M- condition for the record, although it is probably closer to VG++, and probably VG+ or VG++ for the cover. This is a 1956 record that features Zoot Sims. The price is in the $200 range with about three days to go. I did a quick Google search and am happy to report that Jack Sheldon is still alive. 🙂 I remember him not only as a terrific player but also as a pretty good comedian, playing sidekick on the Merv Griffin show when I was growing up. You wonder about an artist like this in terms of both their legacy and the long-term value of their records in the collectors’ market. Read more

Outward Bound, I Wish I Was

Eric Dolphy Jazz VinylHere’s one of my favorite covers: Eric Dolphy, Outward Bound, New Jazz 8236. This is an original pressing with the deep grooves and the purple label. The record and cover both look to be in about VG++ condition. The seller has placed a high opening price of more than $700 and so far there are no bidders. We’ll see. I don’t recall this record ever selling for more than $500. I tried doing a Google search for information about the cover, but there was scant detail. Anyone? At the same time, there is also this for sale on eBay: Eric Dolphy, Outward Bound, Esquire 32-123. This is a first press from the U.K. The condition is not nearly so good as the American original, I would guess VG for both the record and the cover, based on the seller’s description. There are three days left on the auction and there is a single bid at about $66.

Here’s another nice Prestige:

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