Today on eBay, February 12, 2009

Perhaps we’ll see another $1,000 record today. If so, this would be the one: John Jenkins With Kenny Burrell, Blue Note 1573. This is an original pressing in M- condition, both record and cover. It’s one of the items being sold today by Euclid Records. The current price is a bit more than $500 and there are still several hours to go. Euclid has a few other nice items up today, including Jackie McLean, Bluesnik, Blue Note 4067. This is an original pressing in VG+ condition. The current price is about $80.

Some other items we’re watching here at Jazz Collector: 

Paula Castle, Lost Love, Bethlehem 1036. This is a 10-inch LP that looks to be Read more

Today on Ebay, January 13, 2009

Here, quickly, are some of the hot records on eBay today. When you look at each of these, make sure to check out each seller’s other items for some more rare jazz collectibles. Each of these is from one of the top eBay sellers in the Jazz Collector community. From Euclid records is this: Horace Parlan, Headin’ South, Blue Note 4062. This is an original pressing. The record and cover are M-. Current price is $363, with a couple of hours to go. From Jazz Record Center is: Freddie Hubbard, Goin’ Up, Up, Up, Blue Note 4056. This is an original pressing. The current price is $317. Finally, from Atomic Records: Hank Mobley, Workout, Blue Note 84080. This is an original STEREO pressing. The record looks to be M- and the cover VG+. Current price is about $150. Don’t forget to check out the Jazz Collector Price Guide to see how these records end up.

The Great Ebay Debate

Three years ago, in the previous iteration of Jazz Collector, we had a heated discussion about the pros and cons of eBay, spurred by a letter from the Blue Note expert Larry Cohn. I’ve been updating the site with a lot of the old material and posting it with the original dates. This one, however, I thought was worth reprising as a current entry, since the blog format of posting comments is just perfect for this type of discussion. Please take a look, starting with Larry’s original letter, read the comments, and then feel free to post comments of your own.

“Hello Al, from Larry Cohn in NYC. Like you I have been collecting jazz LPs for decades and was surprised by the major rise in prices beginning in the 1980s, largely spurred by Japanese collectors. However, I don’t think we can take as seriously the recent eBay phenomenon.

Read more

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