eBaying With Thad, Sonny Clark, Vice-Pres

Here’s some jazz vinyl we’ve been watching on eBay:

The Magnificent Thad Jones, Blue Note 1527. This was an original Lexington Avenue pressing with the flat edge. The record was in VG condition and clearly had some issues with surface noise based on the seller’s description. The cover was VG+. The opportunity to own an original Blue Note is always enticing. This one sold for $261, not at all unreasonable, but I didn’t pull the trigger. Perhaps next time.

That copy of Sonny Clark, Sonny’s Crib, Blue Note 1576, finally wound up selling. If you recall, this one was in great, mint condition, but it was not an original. It had the West 63rd label but no deep grooves. The seller was able to get $399.99. More power to him.

This one seems to perhaps be a bit over-graded based on the seller’s description, but it is still a nice original collectible in nice condition. Paul Quinichette, On the Sunny Side, Prestige 7103. This one sold for $213.50.

eBay Watching: Blue Notes, Prestige

Which jazz vinyl shall we watch on eBay today? Here’s a few of note.

This one is quite tempting to me, since I do not own an original: Mal Waldron, Mal/2, Prestige 7111. This looks to be an original New York pressing and it has the presence of John Coltrane. The record looks to be what I would grade as VG++ and the cover is M-. There are a few days to go and the price is in the $150 range. When I see records such as these I have to remind myself that I am getting rid of records, not acquiring them. It is a tough sell to myself, however, since the joy is in the hunt.

This one is also strangely tempting to me, even though it is not an original: Sonny Clark, Sonny’s Crib, Blue Note 1576. The copy in my collection is a black and blue Liberty stereo. Yuch. This one is not an original because it doesn’t have the deep grooves, but at least it has the West 63rd Street address. It wouldn’t give me the creeps every time I would look at it in my collection. But, alas, the start price is about $400 and that’s a little too steep for me for a non-original, even a great record like this in beautiful condition.

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Tracking eBay: The Cats, Blue Notes, Cannonball

Before we look ahead at the coming week, let’s look at some of the jazz vinyl we were watching last week:

Tommy Flanagan, The Cats, New Jazz 8217. This was an original pressing with the purple label and the deep grooves. It features John Coltrane. I haven’t listened to this record in a few years, but my recollection is that it’s not among Trane’s better efforts, but I should go back and check again. Nevertheless it is a New Jazz and it is Trane and Flanagan and it is thus an important collectible. This one was listed in excellent condition by the seller, which I took to mean about VG++. The price was $404.99.

This one was from the same seller and also looked to be in excellent VG++ condition: The Magnificent Thad Jones, Blue Note 1527. This was an original Lexington Avenue pressing and sold for $869.99.

Speaking of Blue Notes, as we so often do at Jazz Collector, here are a couple of 10-inch Blue Notes we were watching:

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Jazz Vinyl Catch-Up: Two For the $2,000 Bin

Let’s catch up on some of the jazz vinyl we’ve been watching.

As some of you have noted, this one did sell after all: Hank Mobley Quartet, Blue Note 5066. This was the one that had the start price near $2,000 and was in M- condition for the record and cover. So, welcome to the $2,000 bin: It sold for $2,050.

Also in the $2,000 in is this from the Jazz Record Center: Art Pepper, Modern Art, Intro  606. This was also in M- condition for the record and the cover and it sold for $2,025.

How about the Sonny Rollins with the cover on the side: Sonny Rollins, Blue Note 1542. This was a Lexington Avenue pressing with the flat edge. We’re assuming that when the seller took the picture, he turned the cover around to show the name clearly and the opening is really by the yellow, where it belongs. We’re also assuming the winning bidder is assuming the same thing, since the price was $766.

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Watching eBay: Wes, Sonny Clark, Dex & More

Here is some interesting jazz vinyl we’re watching on eBay:

The latest auction from the Jazz Record Center is closing today, with some interesting items, such as: The Wes Montgomery Trio, Riverside 310. This is an original pressing in near mint condition for both the record and the cover. We haven’t seen this record sell for high prices very often, but this one will: It is already close to $175. Sonny Clark, Leapin’ and Lopin’, Blue Note 4091. This is an original pressing with the New York USA labels. It is in M- condition and is priced at more than $300 with a few hours to go. Did you see the Sonny Clark articles referred to by Mike in the Reader Forum? They are terrific. Go to the Reader Forum for the links. Here’s one more: Dexter Gordon, One Flight Up, Blue Note 4176. This is also an original pressing in beautiful condition.  It is currently in the $180 price range.

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A Plug For Us, A Few For the Price Guide

I must say, I got some pleasure out of reading this listing:

The Magnificent Thad Jones, Blue Note 1527. This was an original Lexington Avenue pressing and the seller was not an expert and he took it to a professional cleaner to have cleaned. Even better, when he posted the listing he provided a link and referenced Jazz Collector to help people learn more about the record. Nice touch, if I do say so myself. Anyway, the record looked to be in M- or VG++ condition, and the cover was probably around VG. The price was $385.

Here are a few more going into the Jazz Collector Price Guide this morning:

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Hefty Prestiges, Hefty Price Tags

Let’s catch up on some of the jazz vinyl we’ve been watching at Jazz Collector. We’ll start with the Prestiges and move on to the Blue Notes later.

John Coltrane with the Red Garland Trio, Prestige 7123. This was an original pressing with the original cover (the second pressing on this is Traneing In). The record was M- and the cover was VG+ and the price was $660. We’ve watched this one many times in the Jazz Collector Price Guide and it never surpassed $400. Quite a change. I’ve been cataloguing my records for insurance purposes and I had this one at $300. Guess I’ll have to change that.

This one also seemed to hit a new high: Olio, Prestige 7084, with Thad Jones, Frank Wess, Teddy Charles, Elvin Jones, Mal Waldron and Doug Watkins. This one was in M- condition all the way around and sold for $504.

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Tracking Some Prestige Jazz Vinyl

We have an eye on some Prestige jazz vinyl on eBay. Despite the high price of the Jackie’s Pal we noted yesterday, it seems the disparity between prices on original Blue Notes versus original Prestiges seems to be getting wider. Here are some of the ones we’re watching:

Donald Byrd, Art Farmer, Idrees Sulieman, Three Trumpets, Prestige 7092. This is an original New York pressing. The record is in M- condition and the cover sounds to be VG++ as we would rate it. The starting price is around $170 and there are no bids.

This one is of a similar vintage but from a different seller: Art Farmer and Donald Byrd, Two Trumpets, Prestige 7062. This is also an original yellow-label New York pressing. The record is M- and the cover is VG+. The start price is $150 and, again, there are no bidders. There’s a $200 buy-it-now price on this, which would seem pretty reasonable to me.

Olio, Prestige 7084. This is an album featuring

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On eBay: Mingus, Newk & Unplayed Records

Here’s some jazz vinyl we’re watching on eBay:

Charles Mingus and Thad Jones, Jazz Collaborations Volume 1, Debut 17. This is an original 10-inch LP and it is in M- condition for both the vinyl and the cover. Quite hard to find this LP in this condition. The seller is Euclid Records, which has been posting quite a collection of rare 10-inch LPs the past couple of weeks. Anyway, this one closes in about 15 hours from this post and is still in the $100 range.

This one has a buy-it-now price of $2,800 and is currently at $1,000 in the bidding but has not yet reached the seller’s reserve price:

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Tracking Prices For Later Blue Note Pressings

People have been asking about prices and values of later-pressing Blue Notes, so I’ve been watching a few just to keep tabs on the market. There was a seller last week that was selling a bunch of United Artists pressings, including: The Magnificent Thad Jones, Volume 3, Blue Note 1546. This one was in VG+ condition for both the record and the vinyl. The start price was $40 and there were no bids. So that price was definitely too high. However, if you look at his other completed listings, there were a bunch more United Artists pressings in better condition and they sold in the range of $15 to $25 each, for the most part. There was a Hank Mobley Quintet, Blue Note 1550, that sold for $25.49 and a Lee Morgan Indeed, Blue Note 1538, that sold for $15. There were others as well, including a couple of blue-and-white label Liberty pressings that sold for between $30 and $40. I also watched this blue

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