Later Pressings and Rising Prices: Merry Christmas

Stan Getz Jazz VinylCeeDee sent a note last week with a few links, including the Red Garland Manteca we mentioned the other day. Another one from the list: Stan Getz, The Steamer, Verve 8294. This also came from the Herb Wong collection. I love this record, but this was a second pressing with the MGM logo. It was in VG++ condition for the record and VG+ for the cover. It sold for $97. An aberration or a shift in the market? Seed’s comment was that it “looks like even the more commonly seen LPs can bring in a haul these days.” That’s true to an extent, although it’s hard to say that even the MGM presses are commonly seen. We’ll keep an eye on this trend. I saved a lot of the MGM pressings from the Irving Kalus collection. I grew my collection on these pressings, almost all purchased from my late friend Red Carraro, who had boxes and boxes in his basement for many years. No doubt, Irving purchased them from the same place.

Another one from CeeDee’s email, and also from Funkyousounds: Booker Ervin, Groovin’ High, Prestige 7417. This was an original stereo pressing with the blue labels. It’s a later Prestige, but it seems to be gaining value with the passage of time. This copy sold for $202.49. No complaints from me, since I have the album and I also enjoy it very much. Booker was definitely one of the most underrated of the tenor players. His style was very recognizable and he always played with great passion and creativity.


  • Abrasive_Beautiful

    That Booker album is a great one, as are all of his Prestiges. Groovin High was the first Ervin album I ever tracked down, and I think the price was around $30 in NM, so to see it pull so much is a pleasant surprise. The Getz is awfully confusing though, there are hundreds of other records and pressings I would rather have for that $92

  • Bought my copy of Groovin high for around $100. Thought that was much but I dont know

  • Was watching Rollins Plays For Bird, a little shocked it sold for $565. It looks like Prestige records are really starting to shoot up in price. Great record and it looked to be in sweet shape, still seems high.

  • The Wong collection LPs that funkyou is selling have been going stratospheric. I bid on a few things that I wanted to upgrade, and was shot down immediately and unceremoniously. The prices have been excessive for many of the records they’re selling, and I’m not sure that provenance has much to do with it – their soul, funk and jazz auctions have always gone through the roof. I laughably attempted to buy the Boscoe LP from them once, figuring I could get it for the upper end of what it had been going for, and that wasn’t even close (it was VG+, not even NM).

  • Also, $1K for Moanin’ and nearly $2K for Star Bright is insane.

  • Don’t forget getting $150 for a few Joe Hendersons on Milestone!!

  • I have purchased a few items from funkyousounds and I have been satisfied with those while remaining amazed at what some of his auctions end at price wise.

  • Clifford, saw Boscoe lp once back in ’80’s or thereabouts and passed on it at $45.00.
    Think Dusty Groove had/has one recently priced at $599.00.
    To quote the rock band The Faces, “I wish I knew what I know now, but when I was younger.”

  • Please, I would like to know your thoughts about the top prices that often we see on EBay. Are these high prices legitimate in your opinion?

  • Hey Setefano , are you familiar with P.T. Barnum’s famous quote ?

  • Obviously Goldmine’s pricing guideline doesn’t apply to eBay. A VG+ record is not necessary worth 50% of a NM record as too much depends on the seller. Seems like you can add an additional 20-30% to the cost simply by being a top seller (e.g. Atomic, Jazz Record Center and I suppose Funk You Sounds) and more than that for Bob J 🙂

  • Hi Art and GST, in fact I was asking myself for how much longer prices will raise. I saw here in Italy that many collectors paid big money thinking a record is an investment. But 1k for BN 4003 or 2k for Waltz for Debby….

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