More Insanity, Even Rarer

Wow, did you see the final price of that copy of My Favorite Things? It was $645.

And the Billie Holiday, Lady in Satin, was $338.33.

Here are a couple more from the same seller, hard to explain:

Stan Getz, Sweet Rain, Verve 8693. This was a stereo pressing in excellent condition for the record and VG++ for the cover. It sold for $102.50.

Stan Getz, Jazz Samba, Verve 8432. This was a stereo pressing, sealed. It sold for $138.50.

Kenny Burrell, Tender Gender, Cadet 772. This was also sealed. It sold for $124.49. What would this normally sell for? Ten dollars? That’s a lot of money for some cellophane.

If you want to have some fun, check out some of the other completed auctions.


  • Wow! Of course, these are full-bodied analog recordings, and not inferior digital recordings!

    I wonder if anyone has ever tried copying Bob’s auction layout to sell their records? If so, did they have any luck?

  • Bob usually gets crazy prices as we all know but $645 for a STEREO My Favorite Things?!? You could buy six pristine (superior) mono copies for that price and still have change left over!

  • I’m always baffled by the prices Bob can realize. Amazing. The $645 for the stereo MFT is one of the all-time head-smackers.
    Getz Focus for $168!! I see a copy a week for $10.
    $143 for the Blakey Big Band on Bethlehem.
    Warne March S/T on Atlantic for $102. It’s the lime green stereo label. I bought an identical copy yesterday (literally, yesterday, Friday Jan. 3) in VG++ for $10.
    Kind of Blue for $610. Wow.
    Sketches of Spain for $100.
    Actually, his rock and R&B LP results are even more befuddling. Ray Charles – A Man and his Soul ABC comp for $66! Common, $10 record (very fine LP to be sure, but very common).
    Who pays these prices for (not un)common albums? It’s baffling. I don’t blame Bob – he’s getting what the market will pay. I just don’t understand the market.

  • I’ve researched his sales for sometime and all I can come up with is that he has a few shadow bidders. Hard to prove but it’s the inky justification for the majority of his auctions.

  • Gregory The Fish

    i made the mistake of watching his recent “love supreme” auction thinking i could get a steal due to the action on “my favorite things”. what a joke. is was several hundred dollars by the end.


  • There is dealers on ebay blow my mind. I made the mistake of accepting a 2nd chance offer right after an auction ended. I should have known that was shady in itself. The record was graded VG+ to VG++ and when I got it the actual record was VG at best and side 2 had a pressing issue that gave it terrible news. Since I returned it this record has been relisted multiple times. It seems some of the most “reputable” dealers are the sketchiest.

  • Although BD stands out it seems to me that all of the popular sellers on ebay are getting premium prices. Whether it be sonpau67, fiftiesjazz, jazzrecordcenter, atomic_records, etc.

    For instance:

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