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Al Perlman

Jazz Collector is the leading jazz blog and jazz website for those who love jazz and treasure the history, archives, ephemera and, most of all, the music. Our goal is to create a community for jazz collectors, where we can all go for information and where we can find others who share our passion and enthusiasm. We want this to be a fun place.

We started the site in 2004, let it sit for a couple of years, and resurrected it in 2008. In this new iteration, we do a daily blog — focusing on what’s hot on eBay, pricing trends and where to find great stuff. Our main passion is vinyl, particularly the great records and labels from the 1950s and 1960s. As we grow the blog and the community, we’ve been selling records and other collectibles right off this site, and linking to eBay as well.

Jazz Collector is the creation of Al Perlman, an award-winning journalist, media executive and jazz collector. We welcome other contributors to the site. If you would like to contribute, just comment on this or any other post and we’ll be happy to consider it.

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