A Couple More $1,000 Records

We have two more records to add to the growing list of Jazz LPs selling for more than $1,000. The first is Eric Dolphy in Europe, Debut 136. This is the original pressing from Denmark. It was in M- condition, from a very reputable seller, and fetched a price is $1,225. Also breaking the $1,000 barrier was a copy of John Coltrane, Blue Train, Blue Note 1577. This was an original pressing, also in near mint condition, also from a reputable seller — Euclid Records — and it also sold for $1,225. We’ve been tracking Blue Train in the Jazz Collector Price Guide ever since we started the guide in 2004. This is the first time we’ve seen this record cross the $1,000 threshold. Part of it has to do with the reputation of the seller, a topic we plan to address in a post later today or tomorrow.


  • The BLP 1577 was not an original pressing. It’s a later (2nd) pressing (post 1959 with “R” on label and “Inc” on back cover and label). The price is mostly due to the (probably) exceptionnal condition of the record, and the reputation of the seller. The high bidder is probably a japanese ebayer. Crazy price…

  • Thanks for catching that. I hadn’t noticed.

  • Yesterday, just after reding your comment about the “Eric Dolphy In Europe” Album, I found Eric Dolphys “Conversations” on FM 308 (stero).The LP inside had a Vee Jay “Eric Dolphy Memorial Album” (stereo) label, with a different number, but the seller insisted, that this is the original pressing, because the Lp came out while Vee Jay bought FM. Does anybody know if this information is correct?

  • Rudolf A. Flinterman

    it may well be correct information. I have a Vee Jay issued on Dutch Fontana. The sessions were recorded for the short lived FM label, which ceded their rights to VJ.

  • For what it’s worth, I just happened to put on Andrew Hill, Point of Departure, Blue Note 4167, and I noticed at the end of the liner notes that: “Eric Dolphy performs courtesy of FM Records.”

  • One other thing: If you do a search on Jazz Collector, Eric Dolphy and FM, you’ll note that I wrote a short article about this LP back in 2005. It didn’t note anything about VeeJay, by the way, although the album sold at the time was sealed.

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