A Trio of Rare (Original?) Blue Notes

I’m watching three interesting jazz vinyl listings on eBay from the same seller in Germany. They are:

Sonny Clark, Cool Struttin’ Blue Note 1588. It’s a very weird listing. It uses a canned picture of the record, no labels, no back cover, nothing. It describes the record as a Lexington Avenue label. Huh? As we here at Jazz Collector know, Cool Struttin’ was issued way after Blue Note moved away from Lexington Avenue and Lexington Avenue labels. The record is listed in M- condition and has a buy-it-now price tag of $2,999. The seller has a lot of feedback so I’m not necessarily questioning his credibility, but I certainly wouldn’t bid on this. Perhaps that’s just me.

From the same seller: Jutta Hipp at the Hickory House Volume 1, Blue Note 1515. This also looks like a canned picture. The record is listed in Ex condition and the price is $1,799. Finally, Walter Davis Jr., Davis Cup, Blue Note 4018. This is another one that’s lacking in pictures. It is listed in M- condition. The price is $1,999. Do you think anyone will take a gamble on it? We’ll watch it so see.


  • Wow!
    we can see the two ends of the descriptive world (or lack of it in this case) compared to the Gilberto /Getz ‘Insanity’. Where he went totally over the descriptive top (or did he?, as it got him the ‘insane’ results he could only dream of)
    How can you even begin to try and sell a recored for $3,000 and not be bothered to take and upload a picture of the product properly. The ‘Lex’ thing on the ‘Cool Struttin’ is just simply bizarre. What an earth is going on here? Even the most relaxed and sloppy listing would not throw these poor elements into a listing!!! If I had $3,000 bucks to throw at this record,which I don’t, it would not be thrown in that direction!

  • I can’t believe it: someone overcoming the insane seller?
    anyway, I asked to show pictures.

  • I’ m always dubious when i see those listing where seller uses different kind of pictures for different record. In that case, it is the prefect example…

  • I’ m always dubious when i see those listing where seller uses different kind of pictures for different record. In that case, it is the prefect example…

  • If you check out the other records he sells, then one thing we can say is that he’s at least consistent with his photo presentations. But these prices… And Germans are known for their “Gründlichkeit”, but his descriptions are far from it 😉

  • Saw these listings about an hour ago and wondered the same thing.

  • strange seller. I asked him in German a precise question on the label adress of Cool Struttin’. He replies in English that the item has been sold. Strange, a normal German would have replied in German. And ending auctions prematurely is uncommon, to say the least. Anyway, EBay says the item was sold for $ 2999.

  • This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.
    Rudolf, are you sure this means sold?
    my request for showing pictures got no answer, of course.

  • And what do you know….

    There he is:

    The same guy again:

    That explains it!

  • vinylzone: interesting info from badbuyerlist.
    dottore: you are right, not longer available does not necessarily mean it has been sold.
    Let’s say that he got wet feet.

  • ..and you can get this copy of the jutta hipp record here, as it’s the same pictures, just done up a bit: http://www.cdandlp.com/item/2/0-240204-0-1-0/115256515/jutta-hipp-live-at-hickory-house-vol-1-.html

    What a fraud. But the grading here is VG/VG+ and it’s selling for 945.00 € which is not as much as 1799 USD and the seller id from Switzerland?

  • @Fredrik: Nice research. Now that’s real fishy! Same pictures. One is listed as Ex/Ex, the other as VG/VG+?

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