And Four Blue Notes, For a Price

Since I was away for so long, I’d like to catch up on some jazz vinyl auctions I missed, starting with a few from our friends at the Jazz Record Center. Let’s start with John Jenkins with Kenny Burrell, Blue Note 1573. This was an original pressing that looked to be in M- pristine condition. The final price was $1,382. This may sound weird, but that price seems a little low to me, considering the condition and the reputation of the seller. Just did a quick check over at Popsike and, indeed, this record has sold for more than $2,000 in the past. I have no theories to offer on this, particularly now that the Jazz Record Center accepts Pay Pal, but the market is the market and it often simple reflects who is bidding against whom at that particular time.

Horace Silver Quintet, Blue Note 5062. This was an original 10-inch pressing. The record looked to be in VG+ condition and the cover was probably closer to VG based on the description. The final price was $330. And, while we’re on the subject: Horace Silver, Finger Poppin’, Blue Note 4008. This was an original West 63rd Street pressing that looked to be in M- condition for the record, based on the descriptions. The final price was $218.50.

I also had my eye on this one and was a bit surprised to see the final price ending up in the $1,000 bin: Duke Jordan, Flight to Jordan, Blue Note 4046. This was an original pressing but it was in just VG condition for both the record and the cover. When I first posted on this record a couple of weeks ago, it was in the $700 range. The final price was $1,125.


  • Good Evening All ,
    I am wondering how many of you are surprised at just how many outstanding Jazz Lp’s there are out there that do not hit $$$$ Prices ? One case in point. I am sitting here (again) listening to a original Mint copy of Serge Chaloff – Blue Serge and , my God is this LP something to behold. Not a Blue Note , Prestige , Riverside etc etc etc but Turquoise Capitol label. The Music is beyond outstanding on this LP.
    Throw it on if you have a copy, which I am sure most here do and tell me this is not Stellar Jazz.

  • Vinnegar/Clarke/Philly Joe will do that to almost anoyone!

  • Blue Serge is not a cheap LP. And yes it is very very good!

  • I’ve actually gotten to the point where, even when listening to modern jazz of the 1950s or ’60s, I almost never pull something on Blue Note out of the racks. It would be sad if the hype has soured me to great music, but it’s also true that there’s so much more amazing music out there than what Lion and Wolff shepherded to release.

  • i love most dates on blue note, and the price is what it is and oh well.

    i also love blue serge. not cheap, but not near a blue note type of hype.

    the price generally only reflects how excited i am to have gotten a bargain, not how excited i am to own or listen to the music.

  • While I love and collect Blue Notes, Joseph is right to remind us that great pleasure can be had elsewhere for much more reasonable prices. For instance, Columbia two-eye pressings of the Second Great Miles Davis Quintet LPs haven’t yet gone stratospheric yet these are some of the finest jazz performances in existence.

  • Amen to that Martin!! ESP is probably my very most favorite LP out of the vast Miles Canon. In fact, if can dare to be sacrilegious I love this one more than Blue Train or Kind of Blue. You are so right Martin, this bunch of records is simply stunning. Thanks for mentioning Blue Serge again, I haven’t heard it for awhile and, yessir that’s my baby, this is a killer LP. Let’s not overlook Mingus Dynasty & AhUm

  • Aw, I just bid on a “G” graded version of “Blue Serge” (Carolina Soul auction). That said, there are some Blue Notes in that auction that can be had at some reasonable cost. I may bid on that Cliff Jordan record. 🙂

  • Sorry just wanting to clarify something from my first posting. What I was meaning to say was that Blue Serge is not in the price territory of say Blue Note 1568 or 1550 or 1530. Why heck, it’s not even in the range of Riverside 9399. ( We all know who these Great artists are) But it can still be had for a bargain if you are savey.

  • Carolina Soul has a few nice records up for grabs. Malagasy & Jef Gilson, Norma Winstone, Cliff Jordan sealed Strata..

  • sean, stop it! all of my potential scores are getting exposed! 🙂

  • Has anyone bought from Carolina Soul lately? I’m wondering how what your opinion of his Lp grading, does he over-grade or under-grade playback quality. He seems to give a lp grade but no details except for a visual label description.

  • Carolina Soul is a nice group of folks. Grading lately has been ok, but historically has been hit or miss. Not wildly off, but not as good (by good, I mean both consistent from record-to-record and, to me, accurate) as others (ain’t namin’ no names). They have always been pleasant to deal with when the grading has been off. There is another seller that has been regularly reviewed herein that always gets high marks (again, no names), and whom I like very much in terms of my interactions with them, but my most recent purchase experiences were automatic returns since the grading was so poor relative to the description. I’m not sure if I’m getting picky in my middle age or if some seller’s reputations are based on something other than strict grading standards.

  • Thank you for your reply David..

  • I agree with David. Only once have I bought a record from Carolina Soul that I thought was mis-graded, but that may have been on me since it was a record I really, and I mean REALLY, wanted. I think my expectations exceeded the reality. Otherwise, I get some records I don’t normally see here in the Pacific Northwest at a reasonable cost and sometimes, an unreasonable steal.

  • Follower of Al’s great site, although I don’t chip in as much as perhaps I should….I think Carolinasoul is a very nice seller. Ask questions and they’ll get back to you if you want details on condition. Their grading system states that if there is even one feelable mark they grade the records VG- (how it should be of course). I called them and asked a question about a few albums and they said that typically if the record has multiple deep marks they would grade the records lower than VG- though which was good to know. But it never hurts to just shoot them a message when looking for further details I’ve found.

  • IME Carolinasoul is a fair to conservative grader. However they are not under the radar any more….

  • There were certainly some crazy prices. I guess time will tell if whoever shelled out serious cash for that copy of Cliff Craft will be happy with something that could end up being more suitable for hanging on their wall than playing – I was glad I took the time to message C Soul and find out how bad the marks were on that copy amongst several other records I asked about. “Many light marks and a decent number of deeper marks, especially on Side 2.” Glad I decided to pass. Again, best to be as informed as possible and even more so when it comes to albums graded that low (VG-). Just my $0.02.

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