Full House: Two Byrds and Three Blue Notes

Back on eBay again after yet another unexpected absence, which are becoming all to frequent, unfortunately. Anyway, here’s some of the jazz vinyl we’re watching, starting with a pair of Byrds: Donald Byrd, Byrd in Paris, Brunswick, 87 903. This is an original French pressing listed in VG+ condition for the record and VG+ for the cover. Actually, the seller lists the record in VG++ for the record, but states that the audio quality is just VG+ with some background noise. Somehow, for me as a collector, I’d prefer that the record sound good as opposed to look good. Anyway, this one has a start bid of $349 and a buy-it-now price of $500, which is the top price we’ve seen for this particular pressing on Popsike. I don’t own this particular record, but I have a beautiful pressing of the other Byrd in Paris Brunswick record, the one with the picture of Byrd on the cover eating French Fries. That one has already broken the $1,100 bin. Not sure if it’s the music that is more enticing, or the cover.

The other Byrd is Byrd’s Eye View, Transition 4. The record looks to be in VG++ condition, based on the seller’s description, and the cover looks to be about VG+. There is also the booklet, which is described as being in “perfect” condition. Bidding is in the $525 range and, by the time most of you read this, the auction will probably be closed. This one is a regular visitor to the $1,000 bin, so I certainly won’t be surprised if this copy ends up there as well, considering the condition.

From the world of Blue Note, here are a few records we are watching, starting with Hank Mobley, Hank, Blue Note 1560. This looks to be an original West 63rd Street pressing. The record looks to be in M- condition and the cover VG++. The price is in the $570 range as I write this, with the auction closing sometime on Monday.

Duke Jordan, Flight to Jordan, Blue Note 4046. This looks to be an original West 63rd Street pressing. The record and the cover are both listed in VG condition. The bidding is already at $700 with five bidders and 21 bids and more than five days left on the auction. Looks like this VG record has, for some reason, created it’s own private bidding war. Curious to see what it eventually sells for.

Wayne Shorter, Speak No Evil, Blue Note 4194. This is an original New York USA mono pressing that looks to be in VG++ condition for the record and VG for the cover. The price is in the $250 range and this is another auction that will probably be closed by the time most of you read this.



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