Isn’t This a Lovey Day?

Lovey copyI am watching about 10 jazz records on eBay now and not a single one of them has even a single bid. Could it be that the dog days of August are a good time to be buying? Or are sellers ratcheting up their prices as they see more and more high-ticket sales? Or is it nothing at all and the bidding will come in, as it usually does, at the last minute? In any case, here are some of the items, starting with one we’ve never actually seen in person: Lovey Powell, Lovelady, Transition 1. This looks to be an original pressing with the original booklet. The record is listed in VG++ condition and the cover is M-. Not a record you see very often. This one has a start price of $247.50 and there are more than two days left on the auction. Do you expect it to sell? I do.

Art Taylor, Taylor’s Tenors, New Jazz 8219. This looks to be an original pressing with the purple label and the deep grooves. The record is probably in VG++ condition and the cover is VG+ or better, with a nice (and flattering) picture taken by the seller. The start price is $554.99, which is a lot for this record. But, if you don’t own a copy (like me), it’s one you’d sure like to have in your collection (like me).

The same seller has this one: Eric Dolphy, Out to Lunch, Blue Note 4163. This is an original pressing with the New York USA label as well as the ear and the Van Gelder in the dead wax. This one has a start price of $474.99 and still no takers (yet).




  • Never heard of Lovey Powell.

    That OTL seems kinda beat for that price, no?

  • I found a copy of this in someone’s dollar box at a flea market years ago and I thought it was a rare Transition lp score. Unfortunately there’s no sought-after musician backing her up and she’s just ok. I think it’s only the rarity of the Transition label that makes anyone take a second look.

  • Gregory The Fish

    i think prices are decreasing a little bit. it is a little whacky, since just two months ago the prices for impulses were going through the roof!

  • buyer beware: i sold a record to this guy once and he pulled every crazy ebay buyer move: he wanted reduced shipping, no tracking or insurance (this was a $300 50th st prestige), and a host of other things. he got into a little trouble with eBay when they got wind of all the nonsense. i canceled the sale.

  • I blocked a blackroz and I know others that have. Annoying to deal with

  • Gregory The Fish

    i just recently blocked a guy who bought a record from me for $6 and complained that the cover, which i graded VG, had a dog ear, which there had been a specific picture of on the listing. unreal.

  • “still plays excellent”

  • a seller from whom i purchase regular at shows had a copy of the lovelady and he let me take a listen. suffice it to say, even in m- shape and with the notes booklet i did not end up purchasing the lp.

  • “newsflash: rare LP just not that good…”

  • What are everyone’s thoughts on a non deepgroove white label New Jazz Conceptions?

    I assume its a later pressing.

  • Terryfromflorida

    Mike C: There was a non-deep groove, original white label NJC with the original cover that sold for 1200 about
    8 months ago. It was mint. Riverside pressed albums on the west coast too and those are slightly later west coast pressings…

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