Mingus, Bud, Trane and More

Mingus copyHere are some of the jazz records we’re watching on eBay now, including a few from our friends at The Jazz Record Center, starting with: Charles Mingus at the Bohemia, Debut 123. This is an original pressing in M- condition for the record and probably VG+ or VG++ for the cover. The start price is $200 and there are no bidders with three days left in the auction. I have to admit, I’ve been buying jazz records for 45 years now and I’ve never held an original pressing of this record in my hands. There will be bidding, I am quite sure. From the same auction is this: Bud Powell, Jazz Giant, Norgran 1063. This is an original yellow label pressing that looks to be in M- condition for both the record and the cover. The start price on this one is $300 and, as with the Mingus record, there are no bidders as of now.

I guess we’re continuing to see a rise in the value of the John Coltrane Impulses, based on recent auctions such as this one:

John Coltrane, Africa Brass, Impulse 6. This was, of course, Coltrane’s first Impulse album. This copy is an original pressing that looks to be in VG++ condition for the record and possibly VG+ or VG++ for the cover. The bidding is at more than $200 a the closing is fairly imminent.

The action has gotten surprisingly hot and heavy on that Sonny Red, Out of the Blue, record we mentioned the other day. That’s the one with the West 63rd Street address, but no ears and no deep grooves. When we first saw this record, there was one bid at $40. Now there’re six bids and the price is in the $115 range — yet it still hasn’t met the seller’s reserve price. We are not getting in on the action for this one, for the record.



  • That Al & Zoot LP on Fred Miles is pretty neat – don’t see that one every day…

  • Well that Coltrane did only have one bidder.

  • I might be interested in that Mingus, but I understand there may be sonic issues with Debut. Do I have that right?

  • WHOOOOO i have gotten most of the coltrane impulses already, and am the proud owner of a beautiful NM mono copy of Africa/Brass.

    Still can’t find a gloss-label version of A Love Supreme though, but I have a likely first pressing. would be great to be sure, though!

  • also, some of those JRC prices seem insane. the coltrane on prestige seems WAY too high, while the rollins seems pretty low.

    any thoughts?

  • agree Gregory. Way out West is no comparison to Black Pearls.
    IMHO the Rollins album is one of the best Rollins sessions ever, whereas Black Pearls is one of those non-distinct, canned sessions issued six years after the fact.

  • don’t get me wrong, i love all coltrane. if he burped and it was recorded, i want that recording.

    but still black pearls isn’t that rare, and way out west is quite rare, i’d say.

  • The Bud Powell Jazz Giant went for $483.95. I don’t know what people thought they were buying. All the selections issued on this LP were first released as 78s. I have the first six of the 12 sides and would never consider bidding on an LP.

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